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Makarska, a seaside tourist heaven situated below the huge, massive Biokovo mountain, will blow your mind with its crystal clear sea, endless beaches and a diverse culinary selection. Once you get out of the sea feeling tired and hungry, not wanting to wait too long but to have some great street food right away, La Strada awaits you just about 50 metres away from the beach.

Brimming with plants and greenery, with an adorable, colourful little terrace and even more pleasant, modern and urban interior, it will make you come back all the time. Everything here is state-of-the-art ranging from placing orders at the register, to tablets you can use to see what’s on offer, music and the smiling staff... Finally, the prices are affordable and their truly interesting meals are ready to be served in no time.
La Strada came to be in 2010 as a bistro, while the current set up was formed in 2016. The menu contains almost thirty dishes: pasta, salads, burgers... In a nutshell, an ideal location for a younger, more playful crowd, but families won’t disappointed at all: the kids can have some pasta, moms can have a salad, while dads can have the double burger. There are both meat and fish dishes - something to everyone’s liking.

The menu is defined as the season kicks off. They do the best they can at La Strada to use ingredients from all around Croatia, Sinj, Slavonia, Zagreb thereby giving all the food an original Croatian feel. We were particularly intrigued by their fish burger so we relished a neat bun which, apart from a hefty salad, features the house burger made from hake, eggs and crumbs. Rose Jakovac from Erdut and its light notes did a great job at complementing the gentle flavours of superb and ample dish. An phenomenal blend of the Mediterranean and continent.

The next dish on our table was maneštra with meat and Istrian fuži with goulash. The crew at La Strada tries hard to give everything a modern twist with no additives and to make their food as colourful and light as possible. As far as heavier meals are concerned, pork ribs and the house specialty, pulled pork cooked for 17 hours, definitely stand out in addition to several types of burgers. Plavac Volarević and its pungent aroma was a perfect match for maneštra and al dente fuži with a thick sauce. The sauce’s intensity will definitely enthral you as meat and spices are excellently blended. When it comes to the wine list, it contains only four carefully selected labels so as not to leave out any segment.

The dessert is made using their very own produce - homemade cherry cream that truly pay tribute to this seasonal fruit’s beauty. You can also choose from tiramisu, seasonal fruit Panna Cotta, apple pie...

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Contact number: 021/623-361; 098/887-419


Working hours: MON - SUN: 10:00 - 2:00

Region: Dalmatia-Split

Address: Šetalište Dr. Franje Tuđmana 1, 21300, Makarska

Capacity: 0

Price range: 100-200kn

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The concept behind La Strada is aimed at a younger crowd. They try to take the food to another level by attempting to prepare meals using as much ingredients from the immediate surroundings as possible. We wholeheartedly recommend this place to people who feel modern and want to eat delicious and healthy food. Makarska is beautiful and La Strada certainly doesn’t lag behind. Enjoy your vacation!
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