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Toni Radovčić
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This conscious type of gastronomy is based on organic cooking where they make use of eggs and cheese of verified origin, while everything is focused on promoting organic, local and non-industrial production. Creative, attractive and seasonal, everything here comes from the fields and goes straight to the tables so you won’t find some of the dishes on the ever-changing menu simply because that particular ingredient can’t be found in the field or picked from a tree.

The owner Irena Ateljević holds a Phd in human geography, which she acquired in New Zealand. She runs the place together with her daughter Tina, who graduated in London. Breakfast in She Bio Bistro starts at 9am, and they offer sunny smoothie bowl, which is a seasonal beverage made from bananas, strawberries, soya or oat milk with fruit, scrambled eggs and an avocado spread on a bread made from spelt obtained from Slavonia. The bread is phenomenal, it’s healthy and it has taste, scent and structure.

Depending on what the surrounding region has to offer, the soup of the day can chard soup with lots of spices, cauliflower and cumin soup, or black beans, carrot and ginger soup. For starters you have hummus, a vegan platter containing samphire from Vis, sun-dried tomatoes from Split, tofu from Slavonia. Sheep and goat cheese are also homemade, while nothing in the restaurant is of cow origin. They’re particularly proud of their potato salad with home-grown capers and Pažanin Vinišće olive oil.

Plavina Sladić 2016 gives a tender and gentle feel to silky spelt gnocchi served with homemade pesto, which is the main course we ordered for lunch. Pesto is homemade, fragrant, full of fresh basil, rucola, spinach, Pecorino cheese, pumpkin seeds and hazelnuts. Bowles are by far their biggest smash hit and these are large bowles with salads. The avocado, beetroot, carrot and brown rice salad is really special. You also have Hephaestus made from panicum, marinated tofu and sauerkraut and sesame, ginger and Persephona (quinoa, goat cheese, roasted walnuts, olives and raisins) sauce.

Chocolate mousse with carob is currently the bistro’s biggest gluten-free hit and we should point out that they don’t use white flour. If perhaps you’re not into this delicious specialty based on sweet potatoes, you have the polenta, almond and orange cake. Their very own coffee roasting facility with organic coffee tops off the pleasant terrace which is sheltered from the sun.

The owners frequently travel the world collecting recipes and then they combine them with their chefs to come up with combinations that will win over Lonely Planet, Gault&Millau, TripAdvisor during the season... The beverages are organic, too (cola, craft beer). Labelwise, they most sounding names are Testament, Sladić, Birin and Jokić. Finally, if you’d like to visit an organic oasis, the green heart of Šibenik and Dalmatia, be sure to visit this go-to place for people who take care of themselves, their health and are conscious about the future of our planet. Eat locally, eat at She Bio Bistro.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 022/215-957



Working hours: MON - SUN: 9:00 - 24:00

Region: Dalmatia-Šibenik

Address: Zlarinski prolaz 2, 22000, Šibenik

Capacity: 38

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

A small restaurant with a lovely terrace and which has brought about some wonderful changes in this city is located in the very centre of Šibenik’s core, in one of those alleys where time has stopped still and a house reminiscent of a monument. It all started 2016 with the idea of showcasing wellbeing and yoga to the people of Šibenik who up to that point weren’t very much interested in those things. In order to encourage local farmers and prolong the season, as well as to facilitate the development of all sectors of the economy.

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Trip advisor excellency award
Seasonal menu