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Just off the entrance, about 200 metres from the Old City and Dubrovnik’s historic core is where you’ll find restaurant Sesame in a garden teeming with flowers and trees on a shady terrace. The family tradition dating back to 1880 is seen in the slightest details raging from the walls to the roof. This is a truly phenomenal place brimming with an old-fashioned feel that merges perfectly with modern music.

First it housed a gallery and they started a restaurant during the war, which can be seen in the interior where all lovers of stone, wood, items related to Dubrovnik and really old photos will have a field day. The restaurant is open all-year round and it’s based on Mediterranean cuisine. Stunning details from flowers to the stone, everything’s just as it’s supposed to be.

The restaurant has 76 seats and it’s divided into two terraces. The lower section houses a separate bar where simpler food is served. Sesame itself is much more ambitious though. Chef Marina Žibert and confectioner Lucija Tomašić go to great lengths to make sure everything’s perfect even for the most refined guests.

Once you’re done savouring the stunning view, it’s time to think about what to choose from the menu. The menu is changed seasonally two to three times a year, depending on the available ingredients. Slowly roasted lamb with local seasonal vegetables is a first-class house specialty. Plavac St. Hills is the only choice, as we were told by the unbelievably friendly staff. They take great pride in the beetroot risotto with an onion cream. If you’re into colours and design, you have the visually enthralling seasonal salad in all colours of the spectre.

To welcome you and get things started they’ll offer you a small and gentle cheese pie with a cherry tomato on top. This is a mini burek that further accentuates the beauty of the restaurant that is reminiscent of Sarajevo or Mostar. When it comes to the wide range of soups, we opted for the clear sea bass one. Back to basics, pure minimalism. Emphasis is placed on fish, superb olive oil and lots of parsley. The only thing missing are the waves...

One of the recommendations is definitely the tuna carpaccio on a bed of avocado and onion that goes great with Malvasia Tezoro Crvik from Dubrovnik. Which proved to be a wise decision. The small fruit and fish tower is wonderful to look at and eating it is no less exciting. You have a wide range of St. Hills wines. You also have Krauthaker and Turković wines from Slavonia and you can choose from a wide range of 120 wines from Spain, France and Germany. Still, Croatian wines are the most frequent.

Gregada is a soup dish made from fish and seafood. The one we had was had scorpionfish, sea bass, prawns and shrimp poured over with the broth used to cook these ingredients. Parsley and mint grown in the garden behind the restaurant give the dish a phenomenal kick. Fresh quality herbs second to none, highly laudible. Grk Bartol made by Zure winery from Lumbarda on the island of Korčula refreshed this fantastic farmers’ fish dish that’s taken to a whole new level at Sesame. The superb broth is thick and aromatic and the several types of flavour are flawless.

Decadent chocolate is the main dessert much to the pride of Sesame’s confectioner. This is a hefty dessert with several kinds of chocolate and a raspberry sorbet. Gewürztraminer made by Kutjevo goes great with it. You also have the sweet lemon cake with an olive oil cream, lavender, caramelised flambéed lemon, olive oil drizzle and a lemon gel. White forest is an airy sponge cake with “drunk” sour cherries cooked in Hendrick’s gin. Cloud-shaped whipped cream comes on top, as well as slices of white chocolate with almonds and dehydrated raspberries to give it a finishing touch and some colour. So the cakes at Sesame just beckon you to give them a try.

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Contact number: 020/412-910; 099/610-8131



Working hours: MON - SUN: 18:00 - 00:00

Region: Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

Address: Dante Alighieri 2, 20000 Dubrovnik

Capacity: 70

Price range: more than 300kn

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Perseverence, discipline and quality are what the secret to this fabulous restaurant’s success. You’ll get to enjoy the piano music in the evenings, easy listening and relaxing music during the day that’ll make you enjoy and stay at Sesame for a long time. Naturally, you’ll just fall in love in the plates with the best food. Pure delight. Get away from the hustle and bustle of Stradun and unwind in Sesame’s garden. It’ll soothe your soul, trust us...

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