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Any long and boring minute that you might experience to get the island of Vis on a ferry will be forgotten the moment you realise what beautiful and peaceful place you have come to. Isolated and protected from the typical Mediterranean buzz and modern architecture, the island provides perfect experience to every admirer of the sun, the sea and intact nature. In addition to being widely known for its beaches and irresistible small towns on the coast, what you should not miss on Vis is the Roki’s Tavern, located in the middle of the beautiful fertile Plisko Polje.

The story about a Roki family farm goes back to 200 years ago when their ancestors began to engage in viticulture, and the tavern is basically just a logical continuation of the story of these hardworking people. However, one should reserve a table because in the summer the tavern is packed full. Having been transported in their vans from Vis, we were immediately welcomed on the huge terrace with the fantastic, aromatic and rich wine Roki’s Bugava 2018 with fish and meat platters, the latter containing produce from sheepfolds throughout Dalmatia as well as parts of continental Croatia. The marine platter contained tuna prosciutto, marinated and salted anchovies, and one should definitely try the local specialty, Viška pogaća (Vis pogacha), something between pizza and pie. You should also try Rukatac, wine that is also the product of the fertile vineyard, which the view spreads on from the terrace.

The Roki’s is a restaurant specialised in roasting under the bell (peka). The traditional way of food preparing in heavy metal containers that are put in the fireplace, shut and covered with ember and ash is ideal for the preparation of soft pieces of meat, fish and cephalopods with home-grown vegetables, full of fragrances, flavours and merged into perfect experience for your palate. Although they also offer roasted capon, veal, monkfish, and other, we ”only” tried octopus and lamb.

Flavours are pure perfection, a little spice, home-made olive oil and here is rhapsody of compounds that ideally matches the freshness of the fields and the scent of vines, fennel, oregano and everything that grows in the surrounding countryside. As suggested by our host, we had Roki’s Plavac Mali 2017, whose strength greatly accompanied the severe tones of the octopus, although their Crljenak would not be a wrong choice either. By no means!

For dessert, although the dishes were so big that dessert might not have been necessary, we chose a carob cake, and refused an apple pie, chocolate cake and the one from lemon. The great impression was only confirmed to the end.

The Roki’s Tavern is the perfect ending to fantastic story about a hardworking family that has complemented the winery with a place where you can rest from the sun and waves and enjoy a completely different Vis, one in the inland. Brilliant wines and a simple idea about a single dish that has been made true have taken the Roki’s to the headlines of all the media that observe local traditional food and excellent environmental-friendly wine. So, be sure to visit the heart of Vis and enjoy wine and roasted meals. You will certainly return there!

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: +38598303483



Working hours: 07:00 - 00:00

Region: Dalmatia-Split

Address: Plisko Poje 17, 21480 Vis

Capacity: 120

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

The Roki's is a family business established in 1991 as continuation of the 200-year family winemaking tradition. A legend says that the first Roki came from Genoa, Italy at the start of the 19th century, during the Napoleonic Wars. He worked as a shoemaker, and having married a rich girl he got a house in Plisko Polje and vineyards in his possession. He left his craft business and started dealing with vineyard cultivating and winemaking, activities that the family have pursued until today.

For many years, the Roki family sold wine to wholesalers who then resold it across the region. The return of NikoRoki from Australia started a new era in the production and placement of wine. At the start of the 1980s, the Roki family was among the first in Croatia to start bottling their wines and selling them to restaurants and stores, mainly in Split and Zagreb.

In 1998, the Roki family produced their first sparkling wine “Smash”, and in parallel with the growth of tourism on the Vis island, they opened a tavern at the house courtyard where they tasted wine.
In 2017, Niko’s children Monika and Oliver started the construction of a modern wine cellar-tasting facility within the family restaurant.
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