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Njivice on the island of Krk, along with the beautiful beaches, fragrances and colours of the Mediterranean, there also hides a place, which for you should definitely be inscribed on the map of the best Croatian restaurants. As its names suggests, Rivica is situated on the promenade along the shore where with some minor alterations it has proudly stood since 1934. Today it is in the hands of Dražen Lesica and his tireless wife Nikolina, and they are continuing the family tradition, proudly displaying the guestbook that is older than 80 years. The atmosphere is peaceful and pleasant, the view of the sea – priceless.

Rivica is a fish restaurant whose offer is based on the handful of fishermen's boats that unload their catch that morning. So the recommendation is that you allow the extremely pleasant and polite staff to lead you through the meal with their advice, as well as the pairing of the top quality wines.

Within the restaurant there is also a wine shop, so after your meal it is easy to take a bottle of the wine that you have fallen in love with home with you. The house wine is an excellent local Malvasia of whites and Geržinić coupage of red wines – a big hit.

However, let’s return to the most important thing, the dishes with which the staff of Rivica want to invoke all the beauty of Krk and Kvarner. With the classic fish pâté there logically comes a course of small raw sea morsels which are nicely arranged on a large plate, and they provide full splendour only when you try them; from the tuna carpaccio, to the fresh shellfish, all the way to the crab claws. There is also octopus and fish soup for starters, and then follows the main course.

The fish comes on a tray and you can choose from gilt-head bream, sea bass and red scorpion, whilst for the classicists there is always some risotto or pasta with seafood, of course, all freshly caught, and three types of olive oil for every taste.

However, at Rivica they are most proud of their lobster, which comes with their homemade pasta and buttery sauce. Surrender to the surgery and primeval enjoyment ...
At the end, there is a tris of cakes with seasonal fruit, on par with the perfection of the meat of the Adriatic crab.

Rivica is not a deluxe restaurant with expensive paintings on the walls, Rivica is a primeval love of the sea combined with the pleasure of the average mortal.
The wine flows, the sea ripples, the afternoon breeze reminds you that you are alive and happy. Aware that you must afford yourself something designed, prepared and served like this at least once every season.
Rivica is a real pure delight, a must visit. A little waterfront for great hedonism!

Author of photography: Goran Kovačić/Pixsell

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Contact number: 051/846 101

Web: www.rivica.hr

E-mail: rivica@rivica.hr

Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM

NOTE: Restaurant is closed until spring 2018

Region: Kvarner

Address: Ribarska obala 13; 51512 Njivice

Capacity: 80

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

The story of Rivica began with grandmother Mara in 1934, when in the little fishing village she opened a guesthouse, today under the management of Dražen Lesica. On the shady terrace with its view of the little harbour the spirit of grandmother Mara can be felt, like a modern link of passion and dedication, and especially the spirit of gastronomy as a life path, as well as a choice of profession.
It is also a story of passion, effort and endurance, a story of the most important values and transitions that each generation carries, reflected on a plate, in a glass and in satisfaction.

Awards and recognitions:

Winners of the following awards and acknowledgments: Maison de qualite Fortunata, and the restaurant is included among the leading Croatian restaurants.
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