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Dragan Barač
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The story of restaurant Fjord has been unfolding for forty years now. It’s situated at the historical border between the Poreč and Rovinj regions to which it in fact (the Latin noun līmes means border) owes its name. Situated just a stone’s throw away from the sea coast, overlooking the dense woods on the coast and shellfish farms, this place possesses a tradition and quality that guarantee you’re bound to come back.

The edifice itself has stood here since 1974, whereas the family story run by Jadranka Sošić and brothers Petar and Marko Maras began in 2000. Since day one they’ve decided to base their offer on what’s at hand; namely, fresh mussels and oysters from the Lim Channel. Having said that, this if more of a fish restaurant, but they’re proud of homemade Istrian prosciutto obtained the countryside, as well as the beefsteak in green pepper and meat carpaccio with Parmesan cheese.

For starters we opted for the fish soup. But, when in Lim Channel, you just have to try the oysters. They’re everything but regular, a hefty piece of meat, brimming with scents, full of iodine and minerals. In a nutshell, a perfect cross section of what the sea has to offer. The content is so ample that you’ll want to cut it into four, while there are no words to describe the taste.

The fish soup is tasty, smells wonderful, with fish chunks aplenty and the serving is really ample. This is how we also welcomed the next dish called Shellfish Festival. A decent platter filled with mussels, Noah’s Ark shells and warty venus with an au gratin scallop on top as a lighthouse. A thick sauce, stronger that its counterpart from southern Dalmatia, and homemade olive oil made from, believe it or not, eight olive varieties. Excellent.

The wine list includes about sixty, predominantly Istrian, labels, with house wines originating from Dobravac and Terzolo wineries. Fjord is adamant about the restaurant serving wines made by winemakers who produce them themselves and we applaud them for that. Malvasia Dobravac 2017 was the day’s pleasant refreshment, while Dobravac Teran Gašpar 2016 and its wonderful blackberry scent gently enveloped the delightful shellfish flavours like a vanilla glove.

The best fish specialties are oven-roasted turbot with rosemary and olives, freshly caught Kvarner shrimp and scorpion fish in foil, just to name a few. When it comes to the dessert list, you have the classic, moist, soft and juicy chocolate cake with real whipped cream, as well as all kinds of crepes followed by a nice stroll by the sea.

Fjord has always enjoyed the reputation of being a shellfish shrine where the worship of local Malvasia and Teran really makes you feel like some sort of Poseidon who sat at the dining table after a hard day to have an unforgettable meal. A place where great food is king any time. Visit Istria and come to Fjord to have some shellfish. Definitely a trip to remember...

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 091/518-8227


Working hours: 12 PM - 10 PM

Region: Istria

Address: Limski kanal bb, Vrsar

Capacity: 200

Price range: 200-300kn

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Restaurant was built in 1974, renovated in 1996. There's a large lounge without partition. Beautiful view of Lim Bay.
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