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Davor Hrvojević
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As Croatia is famous worldwide for the beauty of its sea, the continental part can be unjustly neglected, which absolutely must be corrected. Thus, the area between Karlovac and Plitvice Lakes is virtually undiscovered with a number of beautiful forests and pristine nature, where one of the most beautiful vacation spots is definitely Rastoke, on the always refreshing Slunjčica River that flows into the bigger Korana at this place.

Right above the water, the Petro Restaurant is situated on an old wooden structure, surrounded by water, mills and waterfalls. A water world in the true sense, a synergy of land and water that embraces sweet wooden islets full of tables and chairs hidden under the straw parasols. Petro originated from fish, and fish is what it will always be recognised by. Actually, the restaurant is located above a pool with live trout, which is the absolute number one food in the restaurant.

This is a pet friendly restaurant that has lured people coming back from the sea, or going to it for more than ten years, and has been a weekend resort for those who are willing to drive an hour and a half from the capital. Roast trout has always been served here. Meantime, the list has been extended a lot, and today veal and lamb under the bell, venison steak as well as a new hit – goulash with bear meat are dishes for which there is demand.

Although we felt the strong smell of the Hunter’s Story plate with bear, deer and wild boar prosciutto and homemade cheese, we chose salad with smoked trout. An abundant plate that feeds you up and where nothing is spared, perfectly conjures how people used to eat. Noble trout meat with not too aggressive smell of smoke, with strong sauce on the abundance of seasonal salad. A complete meal, not an appetizer, brilliantly matched Chardonnay 2018, the local, first Slunj wine of the family farm Obrovac. With the local wines, the wine card contains wines of renowned winemakers from Slavonia, Istria and Dalmatia.

Finally, the trout arrived at the table. Fresh, large, served with baked potatoes and vegetables and with perfectly browned crust on marble slabs on the grill. The delicacy in its own right, return to nature and enjoyment in every piece has paired greatly with Cabernet Sauvignon of the Luris Winery on recommendation of the very kind staff. Great, be sure to try the crust!

However, the greatest thrill still was the dessert, the mill cake, which we tried for the first time. The combination of polenta, dried plums and mascarpone is simply the winning one. Refreshing, original, not too sweet, pure A!

Petro and Rastoke are a destination that Croatia is rightfully proud of, a place where the traditions encounters the modern expression and where one can eat really well. The only problem will be to part from the wonderful view of nature and water surrounding you. A wonderful place for a perfect picnic.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: +385 47 777 709



Working hours: 09AM - 10PM

Region: Lika-Karlovac

Address: Rastoke 29, 47240, Slunj

Capacity: 170

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

Rastoke: a singular interplay of Mother Nature's abilities, a beautiful net of waterfalls, roads, and mills... a place of earnest enjoyment. Right in its bosom lies Petro: an oasis of water, greenery, and gourmet delights. For ten years it has been supplying a warm welcome to all lovers of nature and rich history, as well as creating an ideal atmosphere for a guest's respite and indulging all their hedonistic desires. Enjoy without constraints, bring over your loved ones, impress your business partners, achieve your love ambitions. And in the empire of otter and trout, your pets are more than welcome.
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