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Luka Vulić
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Located an easy five-minute walk from the Split riva, the Perivoj and its walls and fountains are a compelling reminder of the scenery from the television series Dynasty. The interior of this unbelievable building has now been transformed into a place that is tastefully decorated mostly in wood and in which every detail has its place. Tasteful, neat, and elegant, it is definitely a place for something special.

With just that kind of idea – Dalmatian cuisine in a modern way – we started to examine a menu that was not large but precise in every detail. Perivoj prepares a weekly menu that is based on fresh, and when available, seasonal ingredients (celery soup with pumpkin oil and a filet of white fish with cream of blitva and a noisette of Parmesan and semolina), while the starters are more than interesting. They include tris prosciutto – ricotta cheese – tapenade, a terrine of octopus (their version of a classic salad), the famous garlic soup, and the surprise of the dinner – a tartare of smoked sea bass. An extremely interesting dish is served with a cream of lemon, something between ratatouille and barbarela – out of this world, salty, smoky and strong. Who says you cannot play around and experiment with food when you get these kinds of results!

Risotto is accompanied by muscat pumpkin and forest mushrooms and there is also a baked confit of pancetta with a cream of roasted pumpkin, and roasted shallots with the juice meat, veal jowls, and the unavoidable beef burger. The fish offered is a crunchy filet with noodles and baby shrimp, and mussels prepared in a special way. You will have to ask someone in the restaurant about the last one because it really is special: A thick sauce of the shells of baby shrimp, the piquant taste of root vegetables, the aroma of wine and prosecco in combination with a phenomenal homemade pasta make this a really excellent dish.

With the sound of modern Italian music, we enjoyed the colorful company of foreigners and locals, and the selection of sixty wines from all around Croatia – Hvar, Brač and Korčula, all the way to Plastova and the great palette of the celebrated Alen Bibić. At the end, there is a dessert of cheeses and chocolate, warm and cold, then a layer cake made from dark Belgian chocolate, with a core of a milk ganache and a sauce of white chocolate and a brunoise of black olives
When you first look at it, Perivoj seems somehow alien among the building and skyscrapers, but it is a special place because of the enjoyment of its delicacies, which will last even until the next day, when you realize that there are still interesting places to visit. We tip our cap to the team at Perivoj and look forward to coming back!

Author of photography: Domagoj Jakopović

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Contact number: 021/785 875



Working hours: Monday-Sunday: 08:00 - 00:00 h

Region: Dalmatia-Split

Address: Slavićeva 44; 21 000 Split

Capacity: 60

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

The villa with a formal garden (perivoj) was the family home of Kamil Tončić, the most prolific builder of the Secessionist period. It was abandoned for many years. With the opening of the restaurant, the villa was returned to its former glory: 1,200 square meters with a large garden and a fountain. There are also stone benches, vases and columns. On the terrace and inside the restaurant guests can choose among a variety of dishes and a large collection of confections. As a main course, you can choose from among veal cutlet, tuna steak, sea bass, fettuccine with black truffles, breast of duck, Dalmatian paella, black risotto, etc.
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