Dario Lučić i Krešimir Novak
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If you take a short stroll away from downtown Varaždin, you’ll immediately notice an edifice brilliantly integrated into the surrounding architecture. The feeling is double that once you enter a beautifully decorated old-fashioned courtyard and descend towards the restaurant itself. The atmosphere is truly world-class. Tidy, fragrant, immaculate, a modern fireplace in the central section, elegant tables, comfortable chairs, decent and perfectly arranged tables – everything’s just the way it ought to be.

The loudspeaker emits a tenor gently crooning opera arias, bricks overlap with walls’ whiteness, diverse lamps emit gentle light. In other words, history captured in the present, a sight for sore eyes and your soul.

You’re in for a serious menu in Palatin. Even though the menu is based on local cuisine, it doesn’t offer just that type of food. Quite the contrary, it draws inspiration from around the world so recently sushi has been added to the menu. And not just any kind of sushi. Instead of classic ingredients such as seafood, vegetables and algae, they offer charcuterie sushi.

Given that the ingredients’ seasonal nature and quality take precedence, around Easter we managed to run into young asparagus, eggs and meso 'z tiblice (traditional aged meat from Međimurje), pork neck and spring onions as a starter dish and pork medallions in horseradish sauce as the main course. Palatin offers several kinds of breakfast, both salty and sweet. The cold plate definitely makes a good start. Cold meats, ham, sausages, cheeses, a bit of everything. An excellent overview of this immensely diverse area.

Venison loin is without a doubt the house specialty. Veal shank is definitely worth the 24 hours prior notice – that’s how long it takes to prepare it. We should also point out classic BBQ (barbeque) specialties that will hit the right spot after the aforementioned homemade cold platter. Palatin pays special attention to vegetarian dishes. Due to the fact that the owner stems from neighbouring Međimurje, the offer of potato dishes is extremely diverse.

Their story has been going on for seven years and every detail is well thought through: plate design, food arranging and every dish’s background story. It should be pointed out that two types of homemade bread and four kinds of Istrian olive oil are on your table at any time. The wine list is quite extensive and it’s changed every year. In addition to great labels from across Croatia, Varaždin and Međimurje Counties are fairly well represented. House wines originate from Tomšić and Novak wineries.

Ranging from classic strudels and štrukli to Panna Cotta and Crème brûlée, Palatin takes great pride in their own Palatin cake with buckwheat sponge cake, chestnut, plum marmalade, crusts drenched in red wine, orange and cinnamon sauce. In a nutshell, a unique story. Hats off to them.

Palatin is one of top three restaurants in Varaždin County: elegant, modern, innovative and always ready to take their guest by surprise. The professional staff and every detail on your plate will make sure of that. Modern cuisine with traditional and somewhat forgotten ingredients. This is a place where you’ll want to come back for more...

Author of photography: Vjeran Žganec Rogulja/PIXSELL

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Contact number: 099/2549950



Working hours: Restaurant:
Monday - Saturday: 11:00 - 23:00 h
Sunday: 11:00 - 22:00

Cafe bar:
Monday - Saturday: 08:00 - 23:00 h
Sunday: 8:00 - 22:00

Region: Central Croatia

Address: Ulica braće Radić 1 ; 42 000 Varaždin

Capacity: 50

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

Restaurant Palatin is located at the intersection of Braće Radić Street and Stanko Vraz Street in Varaždin’s historic baroque core. The word Palatin stems from Roman times, but is used to the present day. The ancient city of Rome, which is the cradle of Western civilisation, had seven hills. Palatine was the central of these seven hills.

Local Zagorje and Međimurje cuisine merges perfectly with international cuisine.
Special attention is devoted to making sure that all the ingredients are fresh, local and produced by Croatia’s best food producers.
Seasonal menu