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Asparagus, young vegetables, spring salads, veal steak, pork cheeks and knuckles, tuna steak – these are just some of the specialities one may find in the “Spring in Okrugljak” offer, listed on a separate piece of paper within the restaurant’s menu.
This shows the practice of amplifying the offer of standard dishes, which made this exceptional Zagreb or Šestine area restaurant so famous, with all the best of nature available in a specific season. And Okrugljak’s team is really good at presenting these seasonal fruits to its guests.

Tuna steak was wonderfully made. Evenly pink in the centre, only with several neat “scars” of the grilling pan on the outside, which kept firmly together the tender tuna fish meat. The warm salad made of potato and arugula was a delightful match, but with this bright yellow and green, something red or blue was simply missing. A tomato or an aubergine.

Baked onion soup was also good, but the apple strudel was delicious: the request to serve it with some vanilla ice cream was cheerfully, but unobtrusively, acknowledged by the waiter. He was also surprised to hear the request for balsamic vinegar. He apologised for not having reduced vinegar, said he would definitely taste this new combination, and recommended another combination – strudel and ice cream with some fine pumpkin seed oil.

In general, service in Okrugljak is excellent and almost invisible. An incredibly hectic Sunday afternoon was made seem easy by the restaurant’s waiters who slowly waited on all the tables, and yet swiftly served the food and took away the plates. They also found the time when passing by the tables to ask if anything else was needed and then managed to bring it back to the table in only a couple of minutes. From the moment of sitting at the table until leaving Okrugljak, the three-course lunch lasted for a little bit longer than one hour. With no rushing to finish the meal, at lunch time over the course of which, as could be heard around, they prepared and served 70 kilograms of duck meat.

It should also be noted that the restaurant’s table wine is very good and a selection of bottled wines is enormous.

Author of photography: Tomislav Miletić/ Pixsell

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Contact number: 01/4674 112

Web: www.okrugljak.hr

E-mail: okrugljak@okrugljak.hr

Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Region: City of Zagreb

Address: Mlinovi 28; 10000 Zagreb

Capacity: 500

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

The hundred-year-old tradition of Okrugljak makes this restaurant probably one of the most “Zagreb” and the most traditional ones in the northern part of Croatia.

On a gastronomic and traditional horizon of Zagreb, Okrugljak is definitely a name that has for an entire century equally bedazzled people from Zagreb and its guests, not only with its top offer and high standards but also because of the cultural and sociological aspects associated with this restaurant.

This place, coloured with greenery of the surrounding hills whose silence is only perturbed by a murmuring brook, was first introduced to the people of Zagreb in the beginning of the 20th century. This favourite excursion destination was entirely refurbished in May 1971.

The interior is dominated by the autochthonous Šestine area style, with motifs that have almost been forgotten. In such an area that oozes with an atmosphere that is so intrinsically local and laid back, one can only wonder: “What did our ancestors eat?” And the answer can be found in Okrugljak’s menu, which boasts a huge amount of traditional dishes adorned with a touch of international trends.

Awards and recognitions:

"The corner convincingly first" - a title a few years ago was published by the Association of Caterers Zagreb, its report on the selection of the best restaurants in Zagreb and the award of "Večernjak's" stars.

Two more awards have won the "Okrugljak" - the most beautiful plate and the best wine ticket.
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