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Denis Jerković
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Actually, how to fight against high summer temperatures and not overdo calories or feel tired from the classical fast-food meals? Without any problems, because the Nota Bene in the heart of cute Podgora beneath the slopes of Biokovo takes care of its guests at the the highest level. Proud of its philosophy “The best of the Mediterranean,” the interior of the tavern, ethereal and elegant with beautiful old photographs of the place, is decorated with a lot of style.

Denis Jerković, its chef who used to cook for the US Ambassador, wants to avoid a mixture of different meals that can otherwise be found in the offers of restaurants (from burgers to đuveč) and every year he comes up with something new. Thus, for the starter, octopus in aspic, with fried tentacles, sprinkled with a little lobster oil and mayonnaise of pumpkin seed oil comes on a bed of mixed salad. Interesting, joyful – and completely different from its classical version. Krajančić’s Pošip Intrada 2016 comes from the nearby island of Korčula and is a masterpiece in its own right, but with the strong and complex octopus it even more demonstrates its quality. The tavern uses vegetables from its own garden in Igrani, about 10 kilometres away, while bread for the restaurant is especially baked in a bread bakery in Imotski.
Compressed veal with mashed potatoes and butter, wild herbs and powdered olive oil comes as a main dish. Seriously good Meneghetti Merlot 2016 represents a strong trump card of the Istrian winemakers, of which the Nota Bene is very proud.

Thus, Festigia Malvasia Vižinada riserva 2015 was served with the specialty of the place – turbot baked in salt and in cuttlefish ink with excellent local Swiss chard and salted with capers. Tubot is also served as gregada (fish and potato stew), and in škartoc (in cartoccio), but this is a real spectacle. Excellent meal.

At the end, they serve paradižot or floating island, one of the two strongest specialties of the restaurant along with the widely celebrated lobster risotto. First, a plate with the rigid part of the dessert is served, and then an amiable and eloquent waiter put olive oil in the dish only to finally add the creamy part of the dessert. An exemplary performance to more than delicious ending!

The Nota Bene is an interesting, creative and a little bit different than most restaurants you'll find in the area. If you want to enjoy the climate or the beach, the peace or the promenade, they have a solution for everything. And once you see how the waiter takes out snow-white fillets of high-quality fish on a plate from petrified baked salt, you will have what to talk about for a long time. Be sure to take the camera with you.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: +385 (0)21 601 740



Working hours: 10AM - 12AM

Region: Dalmatia-Split

Address: Branimirova Obala 95A, Podgora

Capacity: 100

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

A promenade along a long, clean, endless beach, wide straw parasols near short pine trees and a view of the endless turquoise sea! Podgora is just one of those wonderful places at the Makarska Riviera whose sun, warmth and calming waves hitting the tiny rocks recharge your batteries for the next 11 months. The Nota Bene by Medora Auri tavern will do its best to retell you the Croatian gastronomic story in a completely different way.
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