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Michelin 1*
Gault&Millau Croatia

Fine dining/conceptual
Gorana Kočiš
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Sophistication, passion, (culinary) revolution are the best words to describe Noel, a restaurant where guests will feel as if they belong there. When you open the heavy door, you’ll also set foot in the interior that will take in your mind to the finest bistros in world’s large cities. Table by table, the path takes you to heavy curtains, empty decorative bottles full of memories of laughter and good times as well as designer chandeliers. Step by step you’ll get to the honorary seats.

The chef's table. Front row seats to witness culinary magic. The kitchen view heralds sample dinners with carefully selected courses of food and wine, but lunch at Noel is also a great experience in its own right. This key part of Zagreb tradition, the Croatian equivalent of “brunch” is reserved from a bit less complicated dishes that are given a whole new look at Noel.

While he sets the table wearing his slick black gloves, the “host” talks about biodynamic, rare and sparkling wines and other treasures from the wine cellar, which, aside from the best wine bottles, contains a foosball table to pass the time. He talks about wild fish that has just been brought to the kitchen, black pigs used to make cracklings and fresh sprouts picked every day to prepare dishes. He explains that their entire team has a say in planning and testing the menu. He patiently takes guests’ questions regarding the homemade butter and olive oils that just await to come out of their bottles and be tasted with warm bread and grisíns. Green beauties born in Istrian olive groves offer their charms depending on your taste; grassy, mild or bitter, the choice is yours.

According to the house recommendation regarding the summer menu, they point out spinach soup in a jug and a deep plate with several green leaves sticking out as well as goat cheese. A joyful kind of alchemy takes place before your very eyes because it takes us back to the past and reminds of the moment when we were children and “turned” milk into cocoa for the very first time.

Next is liver Veneziana in a sauce that has been gently reduced until all that was left was the very essence of the sauce. With a bowl of warm, golden and creamy polenta flavours blend in your palate because the chef took structure, composition and seasonings into consideration. Chard and salmon sprinkled with amaranth, tagliatelle that wrap around your fork and change colours when they meet cuttlefish ink make a fantastic excuse to try out some light wines.

At Noel ingredients and their flavours are not masked beyond recognition, which is a common malaise of contemporary cooking. They are, instead, set free so that these culinary postcards could have a life of their own, hark back to childhood and make the guest more adventurous when it comes to exploring and trying out new things. Enjoy!

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 01/4844-297



Working hours: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 02:00h

Region: City of Zagreb

Address: Ulica popa Dukljanina 1; 10 000 Zagreb

Capacity: 50

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

A modern European restaurant headed by the fabulous chef Goran Kočiš, who has worked in renowned Swiss and Austrian restaurants with some of them being starred by Michelin, and sommelier Ivan Jug brings a completely new vibe to Croatia’s culinary scene. The emphasis is put on creativity, innovation and local ingredients. In a short amount of time not only has it been recognised in Zagreb, but around the world so the restaurant has established itself as must-go destination for foreign visitors yearning for some fine dining. A rich wine cellar, sampling dinners with visits by renowned world wineries such as Krug and Ornelai, a selection of some of the world’s best teas and tea pairing menus, creative cocktails made by mixology masters and plenty of other culinary delights enable every guest to enjoy the wide offer.

Awards and recognitions:

Recommendation for Michelin guide 2018.
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