Moro Beach Stupe

Igor Gudac, Matija Kruhonja
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Running a restaurant on the coast with electricity, water and infrastructure is one thing, while trying to create a place for enjoying on a small island with an area of just 0.018 km2 is something completely different. Someone came up with the idea of building a chill zone in this beautiful, pristine location with the most crystal-clear sea in the world to get away from the hustle and bustle and relish the best Mediterranean specialties. And they’ve managed to do just that!

Thanks to Moro Beach, today Stupa is small island with its very own desalinisation plant, generator, Wi-Fi... This is a concession whereby the owners wanted to combine unwinding, cocktails, the best wine and food and the atmosphere. What’s interesting is the fact that you don’t have to pay for the berth or anchoring your boat. Moreover, you don’t have to eat or drink anything because nobody is forcing you to. But after spending quite a lot of time swimming in the incredibly clean sea, our minds were set on enjoying.

The renowned chef Igor Gudac is in charge of the cooking and he means business. He has given traditional autochthonous Dalmatian cuisine a modern twist thereby taking it to another level. And there’s plenty to choose from as long as everything is fresh and from the surroundings. Everything about this chill sanctuary is different and taken to another level and the appetizer is no exception. A sea bass “plate” and roasted pears with basil, pistachio and prawn chips, which in the end turns out to be a wonderful combination. Basil keeps everything together and you’re overwhelmed by the splendid harmony of fruit and the sea from all sides.

The first Croatian Dingač rosé St. Hills went great with this dish. When paired with the next dish, risotto cooked on steam in monkfish stock and with just a dash of foie gras on top, its specific features were brought to the fore even more. This is pure delight. The monkfish is soft and tender, it doesn’t dominate the dish, but the selection of olive oils and foie gras make it a truly special experience. One of the best risottos I’ve ever tasted in my life.

When at Moro Beach, you’ll get fish caught by the best fishermen in the area and that’s why celebrities from around the world are regulars here. But fish isn’t everything so we tried lamb roasted under peka with a homemade fresh salad with Plavac Radica from Vis. Tender and aromatic, a feeling to remember. This would have been a wonderful end to our little extravaganza, but then we got crème anglaise with watermelon in lemon juice and basil oil. A slightly sour-sweet cream, fresh, oily, perfectly compiled with sous-vide watermelon.

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Contact number: 099/490-9606



Working hours: MON - SUN: The whole day

Region: Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

Address: Stupe bb, Otok Stupe, 20260 Korčula

Capacity: 70

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

Simply put, Moro Beach Stupe is the brainchild of Pero Lozica and a boaters’ paradise. The atmosphere lifts you up, turning you into a new person who’s happier and has all senses aroused. The perfection of this small island turned by hard-working people into an ideal get-away for all people of good will ranging from world celebrities to those who’re just eager to have some fun and enjoy the beautiful sea and air – they’ll all fit in perfectly on this small island with a recognisable swing in front of the anchorage. This is a place where they decided to show the world that Croatia has great ingredients, unforgettable locations and the most beautiful sea in the world!
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