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“Mirjana”, close to the village of Rastoke, is a usual place to stop for two reasons – when you are either going to the sea or you are returning from the sea. Using the old road, of course, as it is much more romantic! And just when you begin to feel slightly tired, and cannot relax even by looking at the beautiful green landscape outside, it is time to stop and grab a bite in a wonderful complex of hotel "Mirjana", which accommodates the homonymous restaurant.

A combination of wood and brick with a little fountain and a wooden bear holding the menu, a huge terrace with all kinds of plant and stone adornments, a huge banquet hall, and a bunch of busy and smiling waitresses let you know you are in for a really good meal and that due to a number of guests, your dish will come to your table even before you have placed the napkin on your lap.

You can expect a huge variety of soups and ready meals at more than affordable prices. Here soups are made of homemade ingredients, which is easily detected as per yellow circles. Čobanac (traditional meat stew) and goulash simmer for several hours in large size pots and this, in combination with chef’s expertise, is a winning combination.

Famous lamb from Lika, veal made under peka (iron lid), dishes made of wild game, and fish and vegetarian specialities will satisfy the most refined palates, of course, provided you will have any appetite left after rich platters with local cheeses and smoked prosciutto hams. All dishes have a common culinary thread typical of the Lika-Kordun region, and so they contain a lot of cabbage, cream, basa cheese, potato halves.

Expectations rise as we near two main specialities: veal under peka and lamb skewers. Although the offer of all other grilled specialities is lavish (the menu is packed), peka is still the winner. Or the skewer? It is best if you take both and enjoy the crispy crust, juicy meat, and vegetables, all locked underneath the iron bell. Every single bit is nice, smelling and tasting wonderfully.
As for dessert, "Mirjana" offers several types of pancakes and strudels.

A selection of wines and beers is not exhaustive but is satisfactory, people are pleasant, and the scent of smoke and meat makes you (although full) want to take some more lamb to go. As well as some of the autochthonous products of Lika and Kordun (brandy, honey, cheese, handmade crafts) sold on a counter within the restaurant premises.

All in all, this is a classic drivers’ paradise: if there were more "Mirjanas", there would be less problems on the roads. One definitely not to miss.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 047/787 205

Web: mirjana-rastoke.com/hr/restaurant

E-mail: info@mirjana-rastoke.com

Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 07:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Region: Lika-Karlovac

Address: Donji Nikšić 101; 47 240 Rastoke

Capacity: 370

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

The tradition of preparing homemade specialities, preserving original recipes, using only organic ingredients, and an abundance of culinary experience guarantee pure gourmet enjoyment. Well-known lamb from Lika, veal under peka (iron lid), dishes made of wild game, and fish and vegetarian specialities will satisfy the most refined palates!

The restaurant has 250 seats, a terrace with 150, and a conference room with 40 seats.
There is a possibility to purchase local autochthonous products from Lika and Kordun – local brandy, honey, cheese, handmade crafts – on an eco-ethno counter with sellers wearing traditional costumes typical for the area.
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