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A large, spacious property with a house alike those from fairy tales, the Međimurski Dvori picnic area is located in the small and picturesque Lopatinec, only six kilometres away from Čakovec. The current owner and his wife undertook the property 14 years ago, re-designed it and created a picnic heaven for tourist groups. Dvori is not an ordinary restaurant; rather, it is a place where you can organise team building meetings, culinary workshops and tour the cottages presenting old trades and enjoy the beauty of Northwest Croatia.

The property is located at the very beginning of the Miđimurje Wine Road and the Tradition Road, gathering the offer of traditional and autochthonous products. A large parking lot, several buildings, children’s playgrounds, gardens with spice herbs, and its verdancy and nature will immediately make you relax, which will be boosted by its homemade liqueurs of rose petals and aronia and a few types of rakija.

Međimurski Dvori bases its cuisine on sheer tradition, recipes of our ancestors, and simple farmer dishes that look even better here with the use of the modern technologies. And such is the taste, which we were assured of immediately tasting their delights from a plate with meat from tiblica, minced lard and homemade duck spread. The old-school recipe for preserving meat in lard for the winter used to be a necessity for the survival, and nowadays, it is a real invention to people who have never heard of that. The Pušipel Cmrečnjak 2017 wine ideally embraced the fats of our delicious appetizer with its freshness and fruit aromas, and was then additionally moderated by a gentle pumpkin soup, the traditional and seasonal specialty of this region, reinforced with pumpkin seed and oil. The foodstuffs are selected with special attention, so ducks are provided from farms within a 15 kilometre circle, potatoes from Mihovljan, and vegetables come from several suppliers if they cannot be found in its garden...

The restaurant always offer new dishes on Sundays, and what is fresher over the weekdays: the interaction with visitors is in the first place here, and we were assured of that talking to the outstanding and eloquent staff. All the pasta is homemade, and one can see chickens of various sorts, whose eggs are on the daily offer, criss-crossing the courtyard. The basis is made of traditional dishes such as deer fillet in hunter sauce with black wine, roasted (temfana) chicken (on the basis of cream and red pepper) with homemade wide noodles and black pudding (črne čurke) with sour cabbage and roasted potatoes. The wine list has fifty labels, and the restaurant is famous for its rich offer of predicate wines. With soft and juicy ribs in BBQ sauce, the dish of the day was certainly the duck breast with blueberries and the absolutely ingenious fried soft and lightly soured refreshing balls of cow milk cheese. This dish was excellently complemented with the Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique Tomšić 2016.

The Muškat Belović, a real discovery with challenging pear and apple aromas, complemented brilliantly the međimurska pie (gibanica) and another specialty of this wealthy region, strudel with zucchini and poppy. Healthy, sugar-free, delicious and absolutely new for people who have not visited this region ever before!

Međimurski Dvori is famous for its catering, organisation of wedding ceremonies and baptismal ceremonies, and everything needed for a large number of people. Still, it preserves a part of the intimacy in its cutely designed interior with hundreds of traditional details. The formula for their success, they say, is work with 200% ingredients: 100% food products and 100% love. It’s high time you really fell in love with the Međimurje County and its specialties.

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Contact number: 098 241 800



Working hours: Tue-Fri, Sun.
10 AM - 9 PM
10 AM - 1 AM

During January, February and March the restaurant works only on weekends.
For the rest of the week only for the announced groups and catering.

Region: Central Croatia

Address: Vladimira Nazora 22, Lopatinec

Capacity: 200

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

Restaurant Međimurski dvori is located at the very heart of Međimurje County in the scenic town of Lopatinec, just 5 kilometres away from Čakovec.
It’s famous for its unique ambiance, excellent selection of traditional food and its amicable and professional staff.
Harmoniously merged with the surrounding nature, its beauty and charm make it an absolute must-go place for true connoisseurs of phenomenal culinary delights, as well as tourists visiting this area.
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