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The stunning trendy glass edifice of the superbly embedded hotel Marmont with restaurant Marshal is situated in the beautiful, lively and distinctive stone core of the thousand-year-old Split. You might have trouble finding it in a maze of streets and alleys. But once you lay your eyes on it, prepare to be amazed.

When you get inside, your impressions will only grow more intense as the interior is so neat and pleasant that it’ll conjure up images of a place where lords unwind and relax – you have busts of famous marshals, books and sculptures on the walls, wood and satin in combinations that’ll leave you breathless.

Given that this is a hotel, having breakfast with a breath-taking view of the bustling street is always a great thing to do. They offer classic, Mediterranean, light, and English breakfast until noon when it’s time for the "a la cart" menu. The first thing that catches your eyes when it comes to appetizers is the rich cheese selection with a black olive spread, fig jam, capers spread with Mediterranean oil, hard piquant sheep cheese and everything is accompanied with anchovies and roasted bread with tomatoes. We immediately had the house wine and that’s Debit from Promina. Its gentle notes go great with the pungent and aromatic sheep cheese. If you thought that Croatia’s lagging behind other countries when it comes to cheese quality, be sure to visit Marshal and see for yourself that it’s just not true.

The hotel has been around for about ten years, while the restaurant opened its doors four years ago. To get things going, at this luxurious edifice they’ll offer you platters such as Marshal’s gourmet moment where foie gras is complemented by Momjan Muscat Kozlović and Royal Snack with caviar and champagne. In addition to the classic beef soup, they offer the “grandma’s” carrot and ginger soup. When it comes to warm appetizers, you have the classic tagliatelle, chilli spaghetti and Dalmatian šalša sauce, as well as three kinds of risotto.

As far as main courses are concerned, Marshal gives a slight advantage to fish. They recommend you try the sea bream and sea bass fillet, marinated tuna steak, squid, fresh fish and lobster prepared in several ways. Then you have the indispensible pašticada, rump steak and lamb chops. They’re particularly proud of their salads that’ll satisfy everybody’s appetite and they’re becoming increasingly popular nowadays. The small yet serious wine list encompasses Istria and Kvarner (Matošević), continental Croatia (Bolfan, Korak) and nearby Pelješac (Matuško, Korta Katarina), while the house wines stem from Zagora, i.e. Promina. The Dalmatian-style steak with butter and purée was offered as the dish of the day, while the Promina Lasina gently permeated the pleasant notes of tender beef.

When it comes to dessert, we need to point out the drunked pear (in red wine), hot sour cherries with vanilla ice cream, banana split (since you’re in a city called Split) and homemade ice cream. The selection is rather large so we should mention the house rafioli, chocolate cake Amandin and the traditional Split cake. Naturally, if you’d like to enjoy this wonderful area more, you have a wide selection of tea, homemade rakia and interesting cocktails to choose from. We definitely recommend the apple strudel, which is by far the best detail in this beautiful setting.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 091/429-1199; 021/308-060



Working hours: MON - SUN: 7:00 - 00:00

Region: Dalmatia-Split

Address: Zadarska 13 210000 Split

Capacity: 30

Price range: more than 300kn

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In a nutshell, Marshal is a place where you’ll sit back, relax and spend a lot of time enjoying the excellent music from all over the world, the phenomenal interior and view of the alleys and hustle and bustle the most beautiful city in the world, as the proud locals like to call it. A really pleasant place for nice long chill sessions...
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