Lovački Rog

Borislav Župan
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Gault&Millau: Traditional cuisine

Located in a grove near Karlovac, the Lovački Rog Restaurant is everything that every respected lover of wild game food can wish for themselves and their dearest and like-minded people: peace, silence, a rich selection of meat specialities, good wine, a spacious terrace and a feeling that you are far away from all your worries.

The space can be adapted for smaller gatherings and as well as for larger celebrations, wedding parties, graduations etc. The interior of the premises retains traditions, as though you have returned to the 80s, but without too much detail – just the odd picture of the wall. Known for the dishes that come from the surrounding hunting grounds, Lovački Rog is primarily noted for its widely famous hunter’s soup that has been spoken of for years. Not the hunting…

The choice of wine is small, but appropriate and is true to the local patriotism, so you can choose between the fine Graševina from Pribić and the special unjustifiably neglected part along the Slovenian border – Vivodina.

The menu is as comprehensive and rich as this rest area for the hunters of this part of Europe, so along with the quality selection of vegetarian and fish dishes and dozens à la carte, something for everyone can be found.

Nonetheless, you will probably come here more specifically for the delicacies such as the wild game pâté, wild boar and deer dried ham or the hunter’s sausage with tasty local cheeses. Also on offer alongside the hunter’s, excellent thick soup on the border of a superb Bolognese - are a dozen other soups.

The wild game specialities range from deer to wild boar and roe deer, and come in all wonderful shapes and sizes, from plain steaks, hamburgers, medallions, to hunter’s sauces, or from mushrooms… It is best to listen to the staff and their daily recommendation, and so sometimes you will come across goulash, sometimes spicy paprikaš stews, or sometimes venison fillet in a porcini mushroom sauce.

The meat is fantastic and fresh, and you will have no problem here, nor with the delicious bread dumplings which soak up every drop of sauce. A little less salt and more use of the air conditioning would be welcome, however the cabbage salad goes to the very top of the list of Croatian restaurants.

The desserts are classic, and we commend the excellent choice of pancakes, particularly those with sour cherries.

Lovački Rog has completely acceptable prices, so much needed peace, forest, shade and top wild game. You come here to eat, not to measure with a protractor how the food is served, so ideal value for money and for the long lasting memory of the tasty meat from the nearby woods. Sorry Bambi…

Author of photography: Kristina Štedul Fabac/PIXSELL

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 047/637 675

Web: www.lovacki-rog.hr

E-mail: restoran@lovacki-rog.hr

Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 10.00 - 22.00

Region: Lika-Karlovac

Address: Pojatno bb; 47000 Karlovac

Capacity: 250

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

Lovački Rog – a restaurant with a 60-year long tradition, one of the leading restaurants in Karlovac County and among the 100 leading ones in Croatia.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the countryside, on the old Zagreb road, surrounded by centuries old oak forests. The friendly and highly professional staff, and the restaurant’s rich selection, as well as the many guests, are a guarantee of its success in hospitality.

Awards and recognitions:

ZLATNA MASLINA- National Competition of HKS throughout Croatia 2006 - 3rd place in three categories: food preparation, the first place in the category of hot dishes.

The main chef Marina Lukač is a bronze cook, the Croatian national team

Members of HOO

Many confessions of the Chambers of Commerce, recognition of HOK at the Congress of the Guild of Caterers in Umag in 2016
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