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Dražen Frketić
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A lot of towns lie on river banks, and few are those that can boast lying on as many as four rivers. Thus, Karlovac, a city in central Croatia has the Dobra, the Korana, the Mrežnica and the Kupa Rivers, and it is on the latter that the sweet and a wedding-gown studio-like Kvaka Restaurant is located.

The restaurant got its name after the local rowing club (Karlovac Rowing Club) and has 56-year long history. The current charming, smiling and distinctive owner took it over six years ago when she gave the hitherto classical restaurant a modern touch with beautiful details like plates, cups, paintings on the walls and old-fashioned furniture. However, the most beautiful thing with the Kvaka is definitely that relaxing atmosphere at the terrace next to the river itself. Tranquillity, silence, freshness, water...

But since nobody can saturate their hunger with water, we looked at what the place offers for eating. The selection is not abounding, and as it suits the view, it is mostly oriented to river fish. Certainly, there is also meat with the emphasis on beef steaks, and besides the classical plates with prosciutto and cheese, we still started with the local specialties – the frogs. They are supplied from Fužine, about 100 kilometres away, and are prepared in two ways, in beer dough (still, Karlovac is a city of beer) and fried in a litthe flour. Frog legs are served on a bed of rockets with cherry tomatoes, lemon and homemade tartar sauce, designer-sorted, precise, elegant, as if you were in a fairy tale for girls. The sweet and delicious dish is followed by the wine of the house, 2016 Chardonnay of the Šoštar Winery from the nearby Vrhovac – Vivodina vineyards. This wine offers much more than expected and is absolutely worth every kuna, and is also perfect accompaniment to the tender frog meat.

A rich choice of dishes with homemade pasta and gnocchi is surprising, and in the first place there are fish dishes, mostly perch, trout, pike, catfish, carp, and as the sea is only an hour of driving away, the menu also includes sprat, gilthead bream, dentex, and classical squids. Veal steak with mushrooms and pork fillet in forest mushroom sauce are supplied from a tested butcher in Karlovac, and the restaurant does not offer fried potato.

The Kvaka also offers daily dishes, including fish paprikash, ideal for the river that runs along, soft and tender and ideal to be hot-spiced and served with homemade wide noodles and homemade bread. The 2018 Zdjelarević Rose complemented the fish a little bit better than the strong 2017 Šoštar Frankovka.

Fruit and vegetables are supplied at the market and in family farms in the vicinity of Karlovac, whereas wine-based rakija, the trademark of the Kvaka, is supplied from the Štih family in Fužine. The drink made of 20 varieties of herbs and berries will perfectly match one of several desserts. But only one of them is the specialty of the house, and these are undoubtedly Pyros pancakes with mashed pear, chocolate, almond slices, forest fruit and whipped cream. What powerful ending!

The Kvaka in Karlovac is a pet friendly restaurant in the shade of hundred-year old chestnut trees, a romantic and beautiful place without any pretention and too high ambitions, absolutely decent in what it stands for, which is one of the essential items in the hospitality industry. We gladly return to the river bank...

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 098 539 932

E-mail: restorankvaka@gmail.com

Working hours: Monday - Sunday
09h - 23h

Region: Central Croatia

Address: Žorovica 3, Karlovac

Capacity: 80

Price range: less than 100 kn

Restaurant description:

The well-known Karlovac Kvaka restaurant is situated in quiet and idyllic surroundings, in the shade of old chestnut trees, on the bank of the beautiful, emerald green Kupa river, not far from the Old Town Dubovac. The restaurant is famous for its long-standing tradition and reputation which many Karlovac citizens, as well as occasional and regular visitors appreciate. The staff try to become familiar with real gourmets, as well as connoisseurs of excellent and exquisite wines from all over Croatia. Therefore, their restaurant has been becoming a gastronomic oasis of Karlovac city. Although Kvaka restaurant is best recognizable for its fish dishes, the menu has been enriched with a very good offer of meat dishes and various pasta and risotto dishes. We kindly recommend to try their house specials, which they are very proud of. Of course, after dinner you can try some of their daily fresh cakes.

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