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Dalmatia and the Adriatic are not everything Croatia has to offer. Eastern Croatia offers plenty of wonderful surprises, especially when it comes to gastronomy. The stunning nature park Kopački Rit is located in eastern Croatia and this is where you’ll find the restaurant Kormoran.

This gem is surrounded by green vegetation and located near the confluence of the Drava and the Danube. It gives an old traditional edifice a perfectly modern, slick and elegant rendition. If you’re imagining how this part of Europe looked like over a hundred years ago, Komoran and its minute detail will just blow you away. Handmade tablecloths, old black and white photos of fishermen and Baranja, adorable curtains and a real river barge on the wall will definitely make your experience in this part of Croatia more intense. Wooden tables, dark roof beams, a wonderful atmosphere indeed.

You’ll need a dictionary to understand the house specialties or you could just talk with the incredibly helpful staff. When it comes to fresh local fish, you have the indispensable fish stew (fiš paprikaš) Sakadaš-style (a nearby lake) with homemade pasta, then you have fried carp and carp baked over an open fire and catfish or sturgeon perkelt. Given that you’ll have to wait for a while to have these specialties, it’s best that you make a prior reservation. Smoked catfish carpaccio, Zander salad, catfish perkelt with cheese and bacon, catfish in seeds and grilled Zander just go to prove that Kormoran is more of fish than meat restaurant. When it comes to meat, they devote close attention, aside from bacon, kulen, sausages and smoked ham, to local game so venison dishes with cranberries, sauces or the classic čobanac are the most sought after delicacies.

Čobanac is a special story in Kormoran. This local specialty is something in between goulash and stew, but the muscle meat is so tender and delicious that you’ll have a hard time stopping although this is merely the starter... Much like the trio of local, thick and nutritious Baranja soups prepared to traditional recipes.

The wine list is based on the local winery Belje. Welschriesling is served with lighter dishes, while Merlot or Blaufränkisch are served with more concrete meals. The more compact the dish, the darker the recommended wine. Venison dishes might be a better choice when it’s colder, but it’ll be hard for you to resist venison leg in sauce with cranberry jam and then there are also veal and pork steaks. When it comes to desserts, knedle with plums, five types of crepes and house cakes Belje and Kormoran. Sweet-sour surprises for everybody.

A return to beautiful history, an abundance of traditional fish and game dishes, a pleasant atmosphere reminiscent of long-gone times and endless green vegetation. Plenty of reasons to come to Baranja. When you think of what’s probably the best čobanac in Croatia, you should start planning your trip!

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Contact number: 031/753-099

Web: www.belje.hr/turizam/restoran-kormoran

E-mail: kormoran@belje.hr

Working hours: Every day from 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM

Region: Slavonia

Address: Podunavlje bb, Park prirode Kopački rit; 31327 Bilje

Capacity: 100

Price range: 100-200kn

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Kormoran is located in nature park Kopački Rit and is surrounded by a large park with a children’s playground and trails. Traditional Baranja specialties that go great with chosen Belje wines are what makes this restaurant’s offer so special.
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