Konoba Buščina

Michelin recommendation

Fabiana Mijanović
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In our search for seductive olive oil scents and aromas of local varieties we decided to combine the pieces of the Istrian jigsaw puzzle at tavern Buščina. The village of Buščina, located between Umag and Plovanija and not far away from the border with Slovenia, houses one of the taverns whose high quality sets it apart from others. Our curiosity made us want to see for ourselves whether it’s true what it says in the Michelin guide. We weren’t disappointed. As we entered the warm, rustic interior, we were welcomed by the smiling owner who directed us towards the only available table left. News of great cooking travels fast so you might want to call and book your seats before you visit them.

We followed the scent of fish baked in a rustic hearth. The scent lingers in your nostrils and builds up your appetite so without hesitation we decided to go along with the hosts’ recommendations. Soon we were greeted by gently seasoned crab meat. Sufficiently tender yet tough - with a few drops of top-notch olive oil and Malvasia from a family Istrian winery it turned into a sensation of flavours typical of this region. In between meals we chatted and found out that the tavern takes great pride in Oio de Buščina, a monovarietal oil made from črnica (olive variety). Flos Olei, the prestigious guide to the world’s best extra virgin olive oils, proclaimed it to be the best of the best.

They also recommended the fritaja with asparagus. These wild edible beauties were in full season so we accepted their recommendation without giving a second thought. It was this traditional specialty that convinced us that simplicity is the best way to recognise virtuosity. There’s no room for mistakes given that even the slightest oversight is felt as you eat your meal. This creamy and scrumptious phantasy made from free-range eggs combined with the bitter notes of asparagus is the work of true connoisseurs. Indeed, there are very few places where you can have such a delicious fritaja.

We waited for the lasagne with eager anticipation. When we took a first look at them, they didn’t resemble anything we’d got used to. There were only two nicely baked pasta sheets decorated with herbs and they gave no indication of the wonderfulness hiding inside. On the outside you have the crispy baked dough containing the juicy sea bass stuffing that smells of the sea and Mediterranean herbs. Every bite made us realise that the kitchen team carefully thought through this dish that we wholeheartedly recommend.

The dessert also proved that all good things come to an end. Yoghurt ice cream with olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar sprinkled with teran-aromatised salt just goes to prove how audacious cooking turns into magic if the chef allows it to. Popping grains got our taste buds worked up one after another by combining with the spices and icy cream into a magic that’s worth repeating. In addition to ice cream which is second to none, you can also relish the crepes with quark and lemon which go best with a glass of aromatic wine. Enough to make you happy!

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 052/732 088

Web: konoba-buscina.hr/hr/

E-mail: info@konoba-buscina.hr

Working hours: MON, WED, THU, FRI, SAT, SUN: 12:00 - 00:00

Region: Istria

Address: Buščina 18, 52470 Umag

Capacity: 90

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

Twenty years have passed since we have been living our Istrian dream and sharing it with hedonists and Istrian cuisine lovers. Our tavern is situated in the village of Bušćina, between Umag and Plovanija, not far from the Slovenian border, yet far from the city rush, in the warm family ambience.
Here they try to preserve the autochthonous values offering their guests imaginative homemade dishes made of fresh and local ingredients, supreme wines and selected olive oils.

Awards and recognitions:

Recommendation Michelin guide 2018
Top 5 taverns in Istria (five years in a row)
Golden plaque for quality
AZRRI 2010.,
IQ label for top catering facilities 2011
Gastronomic guides: Dobri Hrvatski restorani, Magnar ben, Good Milau, L’-Espresso….
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