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The ancient Republic of Poljica and the city of Omiš surrounded by stunning beaches and Cetina river mouth canyon are the perfect bait for all people who want to have an unforgettable vacation. Boasting the best view of this captivating gem, Villa Dvor hotel and its restaurant Knez are located on a cliff high above Cetina like a patron saint.

It owes the name Knez (Duke) to its owner and chef Petar Ćurlin who’s in love with the Republic of Poljica that had existed here since 1319 and was headed by a Duke. With the help of his family, Mr Ćurlin bought the old and dilapidated Villa Dvor built in 1937 and turned into a temple of hedonism. Villa is blessed by a constant breeze so the lower temperatures make it an ideal location in the summer, whereas in the winter when the hotel closes its doors the owners shift their attention to their gardens and preparing for the next season through promotion at world’s fairs.

A hundred per cent ecological philosophy has been the guiding principle of the Knez team since the very beginnings in 2005 up to this day. The really go out of their way to make sure everything is homemade so they make their gnocchi, pasta, home-reared wheat bread, cow and goat cheese. Fruit and vegetables from humus they make themselves originate from plantations beyond the hills and a garden in the hotel’s immediate vicinity. Moreover, they’re exceptionally proud of their prosciutto because they’re in charge of livestock farming. Should you get curious, the proprietor will take you to a miniature mill where he’ll show how they go about making the flour that’ll later on be used to make polenta or soft and delicious bread.

We tried a selection of phenomenal cheeses and homemade sausages to get things started. Wine Ćurlin Pošip, the owner’s pride and joy, went great with a fantastic appetizer that was neither too fatty nor too dry. The family of Fran Ćulina, relatives of hotel owner Petra Ćurlina, grow vines in Pelješac and make wine for the restaurant. A pool with very much sought after Cetina trout, dentex, sea breams, mullets and eels is located below the hotel... They did a great job utilising the advantage of fish that inhabit brackish waters so it would be a shame not to give it a try. Sea bass in salt and fish fillet in foil with home-grown vegetables are their specialties. To die for!

The wine is based exclusively on central Dalmatia from Benkovac to Pelješac. We especially need to single out the ecologically produced wines Crnjak from family farm Dropuljić, as well as Postup Mikulić and Syrah Korlat. The streaks are either home-reared or obtained from reliable suppliers so we just had to try their steak in mushroom sauce with homemade gnocchi. Plavac Mali Ćurlin, rich, fruity, neither too heavy nor acerbic went perfectly with this truly exceptional, tender and juicy meat.

When it comes to dessert, you have numerous versions of crepes, fruit salads, ice cream, chocolate cake, cheesecake, almond, dried fig and orange cake, dried figs and wonderful succades – candied orange zest chunks. The mother’s in charge of the kitchen, the sons run the restaurant, while the father divides his time between the kitchen and your table when he recounts his stories and anecdotes. A perfect transparent terrace and a view of a city that had a central role in what is perhaps the most beautiful historic event that has ever unfolded in this region. All of that is accompanied by fantastic wine, home-reared fish and meat and a wonderful team that truly believes in what they do. One couldn’t ask for more!

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Contact number: 021/863-444,



Working hours: From April until mid October.

MON - SUN: 1PM - 10:30PM

Region: Dalmatia-Split

Address: Mosorska cesta 13, 21310 Omiš

Capacity: 90

Price range: 200-300kn

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Elegant restaurant "Knez" and the hotel terrace with a beautiful view of the canyon of Cetina river, the old town Omiš, the sea and the island of Brač, with a wide variety of gastronomic specialties including local specialties from Poljica prepared from ecologically grown foods and traditional recipes older than 400 years , along with our friendly staff will make your experience unforgettable.

Quality assurance is our cheff and owner of Hotel Petar Ćurlin. Lovers of good wines can enjoy the wine produced by the Ćurlin family, or select Dalmatian wines of top quality. You can enjoy food anywhere, but eating on the terrace of Hotel Villa Dvor is a special experience. It's a fairy tale.
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