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Krešo Hrković
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“Could we see the menu please?”, the guests of the Vinski Vrh Restaurant in Klet Bolfan next to Hraščina asked, and the unexpected answer was: “We don’t have a menu.” Every day we prepare a few meals from the freshest ingredients that we are able to get. This is why the offer is so diverse and there’s no sense to have a menu”, answered the waiter.
The offer that day included excellent cream soups, a green one made of fresh nettles with seeds and pumpkin oil, and a yellow one made of vegetables with wine. More precisely, with a Rhine Riesling. A very tasty meat dish was roast farm-bred veal, another choice was pork fillet (lungić), and the extraordinary dessert an unusual combination of salted štrukli (pastry), acacia honey, homemade fruits of the forest jam and apple chips. For those who don’t like to experiment, the alternative was apple strudel.

The ingredients are sourced from the neighbourhood and almost all are ecologically produced, while a good part is raised on the farm, such as the Red Angus beef. These are cows that don’t need a stable, they are outside all the time and are not fed with purchased feeds. Except for the grass they graze on, they give them a little hay, and, when needed, they feed them with corn. They have the herd for the fertilisation of the vineyard since the Klet Bolfan is, first of all, a klet (old traditional vineyard house). It is a winery whose wines have the official ecological certificate, and in practice they grow grapes and make wine according to more strict, i.e. biodynamic principles, which are more environmentally friendly.

A dozen white and red varieties grow in the vineyard, of which they produce approximately 15 still wines and two sparkling wines. That is a good choice for all the dishes that they offer to their guests throughout the year, and the food is prepared to pair with the wines. They also have their own natural grape juice, which isn’t really a common offer here.

The service is very competent, the restaurant is not small, but large groups often visit so it is good to book in advance and check whether they have room. The Klet Bolfan also has five luxury furnished double rooms.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 099/7031 797

Web: www.bolfanvinskivrh.hr

E-mail: bolfan@bolfanvinskivrh.hr

Working hours: SRIJEDA - SUBOTA: 12:00 - 02:00 h
NEDJELJA: 12:00 -18:00 h ili po dogovoru
Blagdani (Božić, Uskrs i sl.): zatvoreno

Region: Central Croatia

Address: Gornjaki 56; 49238 Hrašćina

Capacity: 100

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

Ingredients from their own organic farming and surrounding family farms are used in the traditional cuisine. The food is served in courses, and the tastes are paired with Bolfan ecological wines.
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