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Darija Hučić
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Samobor by itself is a wonderful place to escape from the crowds of the big city, and even more wonderful when you know that there is a place where a quick, hot meal is waiting for you at any time of day. Luck has no end. This small restaurant is named for a region in the southern part of the country, and its Dalmatian specialties. Here you will find sardines and squid on Fridays and tripe at some other time during the week because in Dalmacija they have everything from all parts of the Croatian gastro heaven.

Dalmacija is just what a tired, overburdened, exhausted working person who toils from seven in the morning seven evening needs. It is a refuge from accounting, computers, and bureaucrats, for a little rest from work, or a place where you can wear your earphones and eat a fine, warm and honest meal at an outstanding price.

Everything that you have ever wanted for a midmorning snack will be waiting for you at Dalmacija in as little as five minutes. Each of the eight daily dishes are waiting like loaded guns on the stove to satisfy you in an instant. A serious woman as the waitress, a boss who is also present, everything is ready so that in 30 minutes you can replenish yourself and move on to new successes at work.

Dalmacija is comprised of two parts, the older and the newer, the sunny and the airy, with pleasant antique details and a beautiful central "vintage" china cabinet. Everything from beans, Bolognese, risotto, čobanac and all other homemade dishes that might come to mind, can be found here on the daily offer (a minimum of eight dishes) or on the a la carte list. There is nothing that they don't have, and you can even come for breakfast at six in the morning.

The local wine Kraljevina satisfies all of the criteria for a successful gemischte and then comes the problem – what to order? With paprikash, kotlovina (a pork and potato stew), liver, barley stew, roasted meat, sarma (stuffed cabbage), and stewed green beans on the menu, it is with a heavy heart that we choose just two dishes. The pickled tripe is brilliant, a working man's meal in a healthy portion that returns you to a time when the entire stairwell would smell, while the blood sausage and sauerkraut alone are enough to make even a working day more beautiful.

But the best impression (along with the five real chili peppers instead of the more customary artificial ones) was made by the old-fashioned crepes, tender and moist with a slightly crispy edge. Pure poetry – homemade fruit-filled dumplings – take 15 minutes to prepare, so you should order them right at the beginning!

All in all, this is a terrific place for a quick meal that you will not eat quickly. Instead, you will linger a bit to enjoy the delicious homemade food. Drop by for a snack at Dalmacija, a pleasant eatery that was established in 1972 by its owner, who by birth is from Dalmatia. You will not have any complaints!

Author of photography: Davor Puklavec/Pixsell

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Contact number: 01/3360821



Working hours: Monday- Saturday: 6:00 - 23:00 h
Sunday: closed (unless agreed upon)

Region: Central Croatia

Address: Kralja Krešimira IV br.13, Samobor

Capacity: 160

Price range: less than 100 kn

Restaurant description:

Dalmacija is located at the entrance to Samobor on the road to Bregana and only about 10 kilometers from Zagreb.

The long family tradition of homemade food is the hallmark of the restaurant, which was established by Ilija Knezović in 1972. He was assisted by his wife Nediljka, who continued to manage it on her own in 1983. In 2008, it was taken over by her son Ivan Knezović.
Particular attention is devoted to the selection of fresh ingredients, which, with extensive cultivation, are bio- and eco-products.

The daily offer includes several types of ready-made meals, but the restaurant also prepares seasonal dishes like sarma, stuffed peppers, ham hocks, blood sausage, Székely goulash, and tripe.
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