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Goran Mimić
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Novi Zagreb used to be merely a dormitory of the old part of the city, but today it’s a lively neighborhood with countless interesting sights and an increasing share of fantastic restaurants abounding with great food. Il Secondo is beyond any doubt one of the best restaurants in Zagreb south of the Sava River. It’s a place where you’ll get to enjoy a mind-blowing range of meat, vegetable and fish dishes.

The restaurant is comprised of a small terrace in deep shade and the interior section which is reminiscent of classic Italian taverns. The interior is square-shaped, transparent, neat, bright and the design is elegant indeed. The section above the bar is decorated with hanging local dried herbs and prosciuttos, whereas the most stunning wall is adorned with a blackboard with ingredients, tips and recipes written on it... Everything is spacious and fashionable and you’ll be more than eager to get your hands on the menu.

Not only does Il Secondo offer a daily menu, but they also have an à la carte one. The list is altered depending on the season. When asparagus season is drawing to a close, that’s when cep mushrooms come to the foreground. Generally speaking, it’s nature that determines how and what will be on the menu. Even though meat is slightly more represented, this restaurant takes great pride in its Adriatic tuna which is prepared in several renditions. We wholeheartedly recommend you try the asparagus frittata, Vitello tonnato, homemade nettle gnocchi or lamb chops, whilst Il Secondo is famed for their steaks across the capital city. You also have the phenomenal ox cheek confit and homemade burger. In general, Zagreb is renowned for its varied burger offer so it would be a shame for you not to try this veal and beef delicacy.

You’re in for a truly rich wine list containing more than a hundred labels. For starters, you have Mladina sauvignon and Bibich Riserva to get your pleasant get-together underway in the best possible way. The interior design and going through the menu will give your entire stay at Il Secondo a dash of Italy, but in a Croatian rendition. Naturally, these are all Mediterranean dishes so there’s something catering to everybody’s taste. Bear in mind that virtually everything has a homey feel to it. It’s quite simple. A Croatian rendition of Italian cuisine, interesting and very delicious. It goes without saying that all pasta is homemade.
Fresh tuna pancetta grilled with rucola is the season specialty. It’s teeming with juices and aromas, perfection in every sense of the word. If you crave desserts, you can choose from cream cheesecake, chocolate cake, creme brulée or Il Secondo cake. The latter is a true dessert masterpiece.

The lunch or dinner you have at Il Secondo will just entice you into coming back and asking something new from the daily menu which is updated on a day-to-day basis. A place where you’ll have a great meal, have the best wine and the fact that you’re not on the Mediterranean will slip your mind for a moment. It’s a true delight to eat at Il Secondo...

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 01/6586-609



Working hours: Monday - Thursday: 11:00-23:00h
Friday: 11:00-24:00h
Saturday: 12:00-24:00h
Sunday: 12:00-23:00h

Region: City of Zagreb

Address: Avenija Dubrovnik 12; 10000, Zagreb

Capacity: 90

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

Restaurant IL SECONDO opened its doors in New Zagreb in 2009.
The idea was that Zagreb on the other bank of Sava River gets to taste the best Italian and Mediterranean dishes in a pleasant and cozy space. The hall at IL SECONDO contains 90 seats, whereas the separate boots have 24 seats. The terrace is open all-year round and has 45 seats.
Aside from the standard menu, the restaurant offers a daily menus matching the season.
They offer their guests with a fantastic selection of meat and fish dishes, homemade pasta, risottos, homemade bread and imaginative desserts. Special care is taken when it comes to selecting the wine list. They also have promotional offers from renowned winemakers all year round.
Seasonal menu