‘DP’ Zvečaj

Ivana Vukmanić
Price range:

This is a place for “butchers”. Not for those who work with meat, but for meat lovers. The ‘DP’ Restaurant, which are the first letters of the names of two co-owners, in Zvečaj on the old road towards Senj, offers nearly all types of meat prepared in almost all ways. The Zagreb or Vienna steak is made of veal, turkey, and pork, according to personal tastes. The veal steak comes with two mushroom sauces, one oyster mushroom sauce, and a porcini mushroom one. Goulash and paprikaš stew are prepared with baby beef, pork, veal, and game. Lamb and suckling pig are roasted on a spit, and for lamb and veal there is the cinder roast under an iron lid - peka. They have, of course, a grill with the standard offer serving plain and minced meat.

Among cold starters, the meat lovers will be thrilled by the deer prosciutto and game sausages, and tripe, bean soup, sarme rolls, and meatballs will be enjoyed by those who like to eat with a spoon.

The offer does not only include meat. The choice of pastas and risottos is nice, with shrimps, porcini mushrooms, asparagus, and then there are spinach gnocchi and štrukli pastry. Squid swam from the sea and are grilled, fried, fried in breadcrumbs, stuffed and prepared in wine, and freshwater fish include trout and perch. Silver fish from cold streams are grilled and fried in corn flour, and the oblong hunter with sharp teeth that hunts in bigger rivers and lakes is prepared in citrus and mustard sauce, or the fillets are sprinkled with various seeds and then fried. They make it extraordinarily well because the crust stays crispy, whilst the meat id juicy. The perch has outstanding meat and many gourmets prefer freshwater fish, and ‘DP’ serves it in more than large quantities.

They serve three types of bread with the meals, white, corn, and with seeds, and the selection of desserts is also nice. Amongst the pancakes made in various ways, the baklava cake, the kremšnita custard cake, it is also nice to see pumpkin cake.
The wine list is fine. All Croatian regions are represented, and two types of white and two types of red wines are poured by the glass. In addition to famous wineries, they offer wines from two good local wineries, Vrbanek and Horvatović. They offer nearly 20 beers, amongst which some are from small craft breweries.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 047/819-100

E-mail: restoran.dp@gmail.com

Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 06:30-23:00h

Region: Lika-Karlovac

Address: Donji Zvečaj 41; 47261 Donji Zvečaj

Capacity: 150

Price range: less than 100 kn

Restaurant description:

The ‘DP’ Zvečaj Restaurant, located in the family house one hundred metres from the Mrežnica river, and six kilometres from the town of Duga Resa is an unmissable destination for anyone who is visiting Duga Resa and the green beauty, the Mrežnica river. The restaurant can accommodate 200 guests and 50 more on their beautiful terrace, and the staff will quickly assist you with selecting a meal that you as a true gourmet will want to enjoy.
In addition to national cuisine meals, the offer includes dishes from the spit, the grill, and specialties of the area.
It is possible to organise family and business lunches, as well as workshops and presentations in a separate room with complete equipment. Wedding celebrations are prepared according to the highest catering criteria, with the possibility of choosing from various wedding menus.

Awards and recognitions:

The head of the restaurant kitchen "DP", Ivana Vukmanić, has 19 years of work experience in gastronomy, catering and tourism. A multi-year cook on the "Croatian Evenings" organized by HTZ's representative offices around the world (Japan, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Serbia ...), the winner of the Winner of the Velesajam Cup Cup of 2005, organized by the Club 100 leading Croatian restaurants . She has performed on many television shows such as "Pears and apples", "In the same pot," "Good Morning, Croatia". He is a member of the Gastronaut club.
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