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While driving down the small serpentine road overlooking the river Una, we reached Djed. The name doesn’t refer to the restaurant’s owner, but rather the name of the hill and the woodland park rising above Hrvatska Kostajnica. A thick forest and a view of wild and domestic cherry and chestnut trees were clear signs that we were about to relish this region’s wonderful specialties.

The wooden hunter’s lodge like something out of a fairy tale with its charming curtains, fabulous decorations and a fireplace to keep frozen travellers warm in winter made us fall in love with it the moment we saw it. Much like the spacious terrace boasting an unforgettable view. If the food was to be like the ambiance, we were in for some delicious, homemade treats - we thought to ourselves. And we weren’t mistaken. The menu announces hunting specialties and robust meat dishes which are ideal for charging your batteries after having spent a day outdoors. While casually chatting with our host, it was brought to our attention that guests from all corners of the world and remote cities flock here as they feel relaxed and welcomed. And they also love the house wine. Apart from that, Djed has a few chestnut specialties up its sleeve at any time of year. This fruit, which Kostajnica owes its name to, is the essence of both salty and sweet dishes. It’s combined with juicy meat and wine sauce, ham and button mushrooms, prosciutto and sheep cheese.

We decided to get things going by ordering the garlic soup. We got a serving sufficient for two people. The fragrant yet inconspicuous aroma perfectly merged with the thick and creamy texture. Minimalist yet so invigorating. It’ll just soothe your aching soul! The hunter’s soup will also make an excellent choice as it will accentuate the quality of this region’s ingredients. It could very well be an entire lunch in its own right thanks to venison and fine vegetable chunks. It would be better to leave worrying about calories outside the hunter’s lodge, especially when get the turkey steak stuffed with chestnut in a sauce made from sour cream, red wine and some more chestnut... Don’t get us started on the croquettes! An abundance of warmth emanating from every morsel is the best compliment to the forest pantry and the people who obey the ingredients that surround them. You can’t have filled rolls in chocolate dressing with a hint of rum without chestnut. So take their advice, try the local wine and get lost in time.

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Contact number: 044/851-561; 098/166-1137



Working hours: MON - SUN: 11:00 - 20:00

Region: Central Croatia

Address: Put za Djed bb; 44430 Hrvatska Kostajnica

Capacity: 140

Price range: 100-200kn

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Restaurant Djed is located on top of the eponymous hill and is surrounded by forests. The protected Park Forest Djed is home to numerous animals and plant life which can often be seen in the restaurant’s immediate vicinity. The indispensible promenade is located on the hilltop. It was built on the foundations of a star-shaped fort which began to be built in the early 18th century. The fort was supposed to function as additional defence of the entire region in addition to the Zrinski Castle, but it was never completed. If you’d like to know find out more about the region’s other interesting sights, you should visit it and experience the nature and history first-hand.
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