Dane’s Tavern

Ul. Mladena Palinkaša 10, 31205, Aljmaš
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Notwithstanding that Aljmaš has a population of only about 500, at less than 100 metres from the Danube you’ll find Dane’s Tavern where they make the best fish stew in this part of the world. Fish stew (fiš paprikaš) is a traditional dish prepared in a pot over an open fire. Two kinds of freshwater fish are used when preparing this dish, namely, carp and catfish. Aside from fish, you add some onion, tomatoes, ground red pepper, hot peppers, salt and vinegar to the pot. In order to completely get into the mood, you need to walk to the open fire and enjoy the meal when it’s served with homemade pasta in the pot itself. A phenomenal performance by one of the last traditional fishermen in Aljmaš.

Dane has been open for more than 40 years and passed on from father to son, but the entire family has a stake in running the business. Since the incredible owner Drago also has a fishing craft, the fish is as fresh as possible, and at any time you’ll be surrounded by original fishing tools or even fish paintings hanging from the walls. The fish menu is based on catfish, carp, and Zander, which are the best kinds of fish. Wild carp (its meat is red!) is deep fried or fried because fattened ones (its meat is white) is used to prepare the fish stew. The fish is kept in clean water up to several days so that every last bit of sludge is rinsed. Deep fried and fried fish go great with fantastic homemade potato or cabbage salads. If so far you haven’t tried Zander, then it’s high time you did just that. Like the very best sea fish!

Čobanac is made only to the order so you should make an announcement up to 24 hours in advance. Regarding meat dishes, you have the fried steak and steak in mushroom sauce. All other dishes are fish ones, but that’s actually Dane’s best philosophy. When it comes to wines, there aren’t that many of them. Local Erdut and Belje Welschriesling are perfect with fish, while Erdut Blaufränkisch, a red wine, goes great with racier dishes. And finally, classic crepes as befits this, shall we say, place for regular folks.

This unfairly overlooked part of Croatia tells you by means of Dane that you should definitely come and try their perfect fish stew and other fish specialties. With a bit of luck, Drago himself will show you how to catch fish in the Danube. A perfect feeling! If you’re interested in religious tourism (the largest Marian shrine in Slavonia and Baranja), cycling, walking or you’re on a river cruise, you don’t want to miss Aljmaš. And don’t forget, the best fish stew in Croatia!

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Contact number: 031/595-007


Working hours: Monday - Sunday: from 7:00 AM till 10:00 PM

Region: Slavonia

Address: Ul. Mladena Palinkaša 10; 31205, Aljmaš

Capacity: 50

Price range: 100-200kn

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Eastern Croatia owes its appeal to an abundance of water, beautiful plains, ancient forests, fertile vineyards... If you happen to be on your way from Osijek to Ilok, be sure to take a left turn and take a break in the stunning small village of Aljmaš on the Danube’s bank. Aside from an incredible modern church and numerous holiday homes that gave rise to Aljmaš’s nickname of river Opatija, there’s a restaurant that will definitely win you over and make you come more often.
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