Goran Kramarić
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The offer at the award-winning restaurant Cocktail is one of the best examples that just go to prove that gastronomy in Moslavina has been going through a revival during the last couple of years. Even though the name may mislead you into thinking that this is a bar, the truth is that delicacies, aside from plates, are served in glasses thereby paying tribute to this winegrowing region.

Old tales confirm that Roman legionaries in what used to be Siscia used to drink wine from Moslavina to gather strength and courage. The special relationship with wine is evident everywhere you look. Displayed bottles adorn the restaurant’s interior and emphasize the significance of winegrowing, while carefully selected glasses eagerly await to be filled for the feast to begin. By merging the flavours of Moslavina, the house wine in Cocktail is an old autochthonous grape variety that lives with the river. The gentle and playful Škrlet contains a bit more acidity, which makes it ideal for culinary adventures of trying out Zander wrapped in tender dough. The cheese platter also makes a great incentive to have a sip of wine. Even though it falls into the category of starters, the trio made of young, ripe and tender cheese with walnuts can also function as a dessert, provided you manage to resist the tempting warm chocolate cake with ice-cream.

Meat dishes also make coming to Sisak worth the effort. Loin in a crust made from cracklings and aromatic herbs is served with purée that smells of mustard. The entire combination is enhanced by a refreshing roasted peppers salad. Marinated pork neck steak and pork ribs with Coleslaw salad are less traditional yet delicious dishes.

The waiters will be more than glad to walk you through the intricacies of the daily offer so you can familiarise yourself with the diverse menu. They will also bring you some of Croatia’s favourite “seasonings”. Every drop of pumpkin or olive oil reveals the scents and flavours of this area where having meals together have always been something of a tradition. Restaurant Cocktail is often frequented by larger groups of visitors on the occasion of family celebrations so we suggest you make a reservation, especially if you’d like to enjoy the charms of Moslavina or international cuisine during the weekend.

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Contact number: 044/549-137



Working hours: Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday: 12:00 AM- 10:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Region: Central Croatia

Address: Ulica dr. Ante Starčevića 27; 44000, Sisak

Capacity: 130

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

If you happen to come to Sisak, be sure to stop by at restaurant Cocktail in the heart of the city. Don’t get startled by the fact that you’ve found a restaurant that meets the highest world standards of interior decor in a smaller town. The restaurant’s food will impress the best foodies, its staff have been trained abroad and the atmosphere is bound to make you want to come back again to this extraordinary place. Restaurant Cocktail was opened in 1991 as a grill establishment founded as the Kramarić family business. But they turned it into a restaurant in 1995. Guest recognised their excellent food and staff right away because their quality was greatly superior to other restaurants in the city. Their cuisine was ingenious and innovative, the interior relaxing, while the staff fostered an individual approach to every guest from the very start.

Awards and recognitions:

Golden Victoria award,100 best Croatian restaurants for over 13 years.
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