Bocel Trogir

Ivanka Gotovac, Marko Nakić
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The splendid terrace of restaurant Bocel is situated at the heart of a modern marina, surrounded by beautiful yachts and sailing boats from all over the world and boasts a perfect view of Trogir. The sea within arm’s reach, a tourist gem just a ten minutes’ walk away and an excellent fish menu are the best features of this restaurant that recently turned three years. Local ingredients based on an autochthonous tale – that’s the gist of their basic philosophy.

This predominantly fish restaurant can take up to 140 people and is open all year round. Apart from seafood, their selection also includes beefsteak, lamb chops and rib eye steak just to be on the safe side. They’re currently installing a refrigerator with aged meat for complete and utter foodies at the very entrance to the restaurant. The kitchen team headed by young Marko Nakić and experienced Ivanka Gotovac takes care that everything is prepared seasonally because the entire story is based on fishermen who sell the fish directly from their trawls, whereas the vegetables are partly grown on family farms (Tim – Tomaš) and partly purchased at the Split market.

To get things going you can choose from homemade tuna pâté, tuna tartare, homemade marinated vegetables and prawns, but you can get it all served on a “sea platter”. Scallops roasted in cheese, much like tuna tataki on an avocado cream with a phenomenally seasoned, wafer-thin sliced salad definitely make a great plan B. Fresh and fragrant tuna on a mild neutral bed combined with a nice slightly sour side dish went great with Malvasia Capo, the house white wine from western Istria. The wine list contains about 60 labels and traverses entire Croatia from Korčula and Pelješac, Istria and Plešivica all the way to Slavonia and then you also have an unusually strong champagne list.
They dehydrate the tomatoes themselves at Bocel, while the olives and oil stem from their very own olive grove. Fresh lobsters and shellfish are kept in a tank near the counter inside the restaurant. The fish is special because it’s exclusively grilled using special firewood, namely, hornbeam wood originating from the nearby island of Brač. As far as the wide fresh sea fish selection is concerned, that day we ran into freshly caught dentex. Ideally roasted and salted, with just the right amount of the aforementioned house olive oil, Brussels sprouts prepared on olive oil and mind-blowing homemade bread. Merlot Dalmatiano was the perfect companion to this dish. Plum and sour cherry aromas paired with the smell of the sea and delicious Adriatic fish, it can’t get better than this. All right, we wouldn’t hardly refuse a nice salted grilled Adriatic shrimp that’s delicious smelling of crackling firewood. Let’s be honest, who would? Marvellous.

Finally, chocolate truffles with wild berry sauce are the restaurant’s hit along with homemade rozata. Elegant, correct, pleasant from a designer point of view and perfect for spending cold days at the seaside. Because Bocel is open all year round and if you really want to be a part of an elite fish fairy tale with a stunning view and a smiling staff, you know where you have to go. Hats off to Bocel, this is how eating and running a business in the Adriatic should look like.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 091/2881255



Working hours: MON - SUN: 11 AM - 12 PM

Region: Dalmatia-Split

Address: Put Brodograditelja 16

Capacity: 140

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

A native restaurant open all year round, modernly decorated with a beautiful view of the old part of Trogir.