Bistro Gourmet Kalelarga

Bruno Cesar Lerzundi
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Art Hotel Karelarga is located in the city of the most stunning sunsets, historical squares and cobbled streets that act as testimonies of the city’s tumultuous past. It’s located in the center of Zadar, in the city’s main street - the famous Kalelarga. This thoroughfare is more than just a street for residents of Zadar. It’s a symbol of the city that brings back memories of good times and get-togethers. Restaurant Gourmet Kalelarga which is managed by Art Hotel offers a typical Dalmatian atmosphere from having a cup of coffee in the morning to relishing superb cakes designed and made by a regular expert to unwinding on the terrace with candlelight, selected wines, and champagne.

Planned cooking combines flavors of traditional ingredients with modern preparation by utilizing Mediterranean culinary heritage and Dalmatian recipes passed on from our grandmothers. Waiters, who speak the language of cuisine and foreign ones, will be more than happy to let you in on the secrets of the menu. In order to get know Croatia in a glass, they recommend you start with an aperitif. Almond liqueur, a liqueur made from the old sour cherry variety of Marasca or grape Marc and herb brandy make an excellent choice and introduction to starters. Briskly baked fresh goat cheese as creamy as the most delicious cake is decorated with rosemary leaves. When combined with homemade olive oil, fragrant tomatoes, and small slightly bitter black olives, it constitutes the best possible culinary postcard of this area.

Even the carpaccio tells a tale of rocks, wind and the sea, which are so characteristic of Zadar. Caper buds, organically farmed lettuce, flavourful balsamic vinegar and cheese slices can be served as a light summer main course as well. Marinated garlic is the thing that makes this red and green dish even more sensational. Chefs work their culinary magic to rid it of its intense smell and make it pass for onions. It’s so tender even new couples wouldn’t mind eating it. These wonderful dishes can be enhanced by adding just a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and good balsamic vinegar so you can dig in the freshly baked bread. If you’d like to save some room for more, don’t get carried away.

A carefully arranged wine list goes great with both fish and meat. Mature full-bodied wines, light or fresh, orange, fragrant dry and mildly sweet, pink, fresh and juicy and red ones give the best possible overview of what Croatia has to offer. We mustn’t forget about dessert wines, which are taken instead of dessert or with a slice of cake. Most cakes are flour-free so you can enjoy them even after you’ve had a large meal. Zadar orange cake, cheese, and Marasca sour cherry cake or chocolate and pistachio cake are the most popular one, but the offer is constantly changing depending on the season.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 023/233-000



Working hours: Every day from 07:00 AM till 12:00 AM

Region: Dalmatia-Zadar

Address: Ul. Majke Margarite 3; 23000 Zadar

Capacity: 100

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

Bistro Gourmet Kalelarga opened exactly five years ago (11 June 2012).
Surrounded by historic landmarks and inspired by the unique Dalmatian vibe,
they offer you the pleasure of having a cup of coffee in the morning with homemade tasty sweet treats. They will also give you the pleasure of trying various traditional and international meals prepared to their own recipes and you can also relish carefully selected wines from the surrounding region and beyond.
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