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The fishermen had to roll up their sleeves well when fishing in their gajeta boats on the Adriatic, and guests of the Barbat Restaurant in the same named place, near the town of Rab, will also have to work hard when they order a beautiful combination of shellfish and crabs named after this oval fisherman’s boat with its pointed bow and stern. The plates are a similar shape, they’ve also called the dishes after it, but it is difficult to believe that the fishermen enjoyed the shrimp and sea scallops a hundred or more years ago. Maybe they did mussels and warty venus clams, which are also hidden under the spaghetti and red sauce. And whilst one sea scallop was a visual and culinary decoration on the plate, they didn’t hold back with the other shellfish, or shrimp.

This gajeta is amongst the rare meals, which is brought on one plate, and after a guest eats everything, the remains are taken away on three. The greatest part is, of course, eaten with the hands. Along with the gajeta a bib is also “served”, protection for your clothes, which is sufficient warning not to come wearing a white shirt. Whoever comes will be very proud if they leave without some red spots. In the gajeta there would be enough food without the spaghetti, and after eating everything, it is nice to clean the last of the sauce up with a tasty piece of homemade bread.
Also on offer in Barbat is the bracera, a dish named after a boat similar to the gajeta, only two, three times larger. In the bracera are only Adriatic shellfish, and in place of spaghetti they serve tagliatelle pasta not in a red sauce but white.

The view from the terrace ten metres from the sea simply encourages the next dish to be from the Adriatic, and a good choice is the tuna carpaccio. If it’s not too cold, or frozen. In that case it needs time for the fine tuna meat to rest for it to give a full taste.

Also on offer are the finest fish and cephalopods prepared in various ways, as well as meat dishes. The room is pleasant, decorated with parts of stone vessels for oil, which serve as shelves for bottles, and the jardinières on the terrace are mostly old oyster shells. On the covered part of the terrace they have also preserved a tree and tessellated the area around it which now provides shade for the guests. The Barbat Restaurant is definitely a place that a guest will want to return to.

Author of photography: Goran Kovačić/Pixsell

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Contact number: 051/721 858



Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 07:00 AM- 12:00 AM
Closed: January, February, March, November and December

Region: Kvarner

Address: Barbat 366; 51280 Rab

Capacity: 130

Price range: more than 300kn

Restaurant description:

Here you will encounter the spirit of past times of beauty and peace, a harmony of old stone architecture and the aromatic Mediterranean plants right by the sea.
The specific feature of the offer is the food which comes about as the result of the current inspiration of the chef connected to the daily fresh fish, meat or vegetables.
The olive oil and herbs that are used come from the owner’s own organic source.

Awards and recognitions:

Restaurant Barbat is the winner of gold plaques for the best local, indigenous cuisine of the Kvarner region for 2004.
In the leading 100 restaurants in Croatia since 2008 to date.
She is the winner of the title of Kvarner Gourmet for 2013 and 2014.
Award for the most beautiful and well-designed terrace on the island of Rab.
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