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There is a street in Zagreb that the tourists simply love. The liveliness, the murmur, the loud talking and the entertainment can be easily replaced with pure enjoyment in peace and quiet if you climb about fifty meters uphill. It is as if you have come to another planet. Beautiful, peculiar backyards await, hiding old crafts, wine cellars, and a few restaurants. One of them, the pride of old town Zagreb, is definitely Baltazar.

Since 1982, this has been a type of oasis for the older clientele of Zagreb, the people who like to eat and drink well and in abundance, but always at a high level and with the best quality staff. The menu is a clash of the Mediterranean and continental cuisine (separate menus for fish and meat!), we follow the seasons with respect to herbs and plants, but we can agree to get you just about anything any time of the year. There is hardly a person from Zagreb that has not had a celebration of some kind in here, weddings, confirmations, graduation celebrations…

Baltazar is most known for high-quality meat and grilled fish. The steaks are carefully chosen and the fish is exclusively fresh Adriatic fish. Therefore, if there is bad weather in Dalmatia, there is simply no fish on the menu that day. The meat dish selection is truly enormous, there is hardly any dish that can surprise our culinary staff. However, when you realize that you cannot make up your mind between twenty or so fish specialties (squid, cuttlefish, lobster, shellfish…), it is not an easy choice.

Modern music spreads through a beautiful interior. It is as if the time had stopped in the 30s, everything is designed with dark wood colour, cute old coasters on firm tables, old artifacts from previous centuries staring at you from the walls, wagon wheels, lanterns, hand-sewn folk costumes, dishes, canteens...A beautiful little museum, tastefully and not too tightly arranged, with a mandatory fireplace.

The wine list is extensive, with about a hundred titles from all of Croatia and the world, with Roxanich, Korlat and Galić in the first place, with white homemade wine coming from Međimurje region, Cmrečnjak coupage, and the current red wine Laguna merlot. Between various types of cakes and pastries, based on cheese and chocolate and classic mousses, homemade štrukli (cooked salty cheese strudel) stand out (as an appetizer) and also definitely the homemade cherry strudel from their own backyard. This means, seasonality first.

Baltazar is big, really big, with over 200 seats, with people coming in yearning for its most famous specialty – grilled lamb patties that smell beautifully of rosemary, or something else from the extensive meat and fish list. Our warmest recommendation is for you to take an afternoon off, watch an old movie about Zagreb, or any black-and-white movie, and give yourself over to the attested extraordinary chefs of Baltazar, on a peaceful, floral terrace, or in the old-fashioned interior. Here, everything is beautiful, Zagreb is as it should be, so feel free to drop by.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 01/4666-999



Working hours: Monday - Saturday: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Sunday: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Region: City of Zagreb

Address: Nova ves 4; 10 000 Zagreb

Capacity: 65

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

One of Zagreb's most popular restaurants, located in the old manor of Kaptol, not far from the Cathedral, is known for top quality and a diverse offer of specialties of the continental cuisine, made with top quality fresh ingredients. On a traditional menu, predominated by grill dishes or the ones freshly made in the kitchen, seasonal refreshments are regular, such as asparagus and artichoke in late spring, cep and chanterelle mushrooms in the fall or blood sausages with sauerkraut in the winter. Baltazar's kitchen is prone to surprises and innovations, so often frequent customers get the feeling that the menu is constantly refreshed and replenished. The rich expertly chosen wine list is entirely in accordance with the gastronomic reputation of Baltazar, which is placed at the very top of gastronomy in Croatia by eminent gastronomic experts.
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