Stipan Iličić
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Through hardship to the stars goes Balon, a restaurant that “grew up” from a barbecue place at the edge of town into a sophisticated cuisine restaurant. This desired place for a business brunch or an intimate lunch is particularly alive in the summer, when you want to run away from the hustle and bustle into the shady verdure. Balon won a special spot on the Gourmand map of Zagreb through its beefsteaks, which are most talked about, since you can rarely come across such delicious steaks on your plate. The kitchen's pride and joy is the Spanish sauce. As an answer to the question of what alchemy this entails, the waiter readily describes a process of eighteen hours of boiling and relentless reduction of the precious fluid.

As a first scent, dried figs and prunes open up in the wine, reminding irresistibly of a particular continental pašticada (Dalmatian pot of spiced meat combined with plums and vinegar). A sweeter and more delicate duck welcomes the spring in Balon, proving that there are no great dishes without listening to nature. A bright yellow mousse of baby carrot and potatoes blends with the sweet wine sauce into a side dish worthy of the rubicund breast, decently adorned with a purple flower. Looks and taste wise, these dishes are a typical example of the innovative approach and skill of preparation. In Balon, we pay attention to colours, tastes and flavours of your plate, keeping in mind that the meticulous attention to detail is what separates good restaurants from great ones. At the same time, we hop from region to region of our beautiful country, crossing the boundaries through a shy exploration of the cuisines of the world, all the while respecting the ingredients.

It is up to the guest to choose from different combinations of truffles (a great one is the one with broccoli in a spring soup), or find themselves in black rice and salmon tarts or sail away with red porgies, striped sea breams or other white fish that constantly comes in from the trawl boats around Zadar. The exploration of the menu can lead you to those lines that require your hand to go deeper into your pocket – whether it is dry-aged beef (strip-loin, rib-eye or T-bone) or great wine names. The home wine is found under the name of Ledić, coming from Plešivica hills, which has become, over time, a pretty decent wine. An ample meal is followed by some lighter desserts of Belgian chocolate or aromatic vanilla, and you should definitely give the soufflé a try because it is impeccably made.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 01/6040-918



Working hours: Monday - Sunday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Region: City of Zagreb

Address: Prisavlje ul. 2; 10000 Zagreb

Capacity: 80

Price range: 200-300kn

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Balon restaurant is a gastronomic destination that has been contributing to and setting the standards with an open eyed approach to the culture of dining for the past decade and a half, by advocating for and cultivating a devotion to fine food, catering professionalism and genuine hospitality when attending to the guests. As for the food preparation, we are led by high standards of culinary skills. An especially comfortable foyer of the restaurant and an inspiring terrace bear witness to encounters and dialogues, hourly negotiations, creative and innovative accomplishments. Their gastronomic and enological offer is a guarantee of quality that you can count on in front of your distinguished guests. Balon is a cult place, with its urban and entertaining contents, and a unique gastronomic and enological signature. It gathers businessmen, cultured people and entertainment industry people and it shapes the city's social and cultural identity.
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