Chef patron Dijana Sušac; Executive Chef Anita Matić
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If you ever enjoyed reading or listening to ‘The Hedgehog’s House’, the August Restaurant which is located in Popovača is the ideal place where you will feel as though you are part of this beautiful fable. From one side there is the view of Moslavina, from the other, a gentle hill in all the colours of the countryside – and on the menu only selected things that are grown around the restaurant or sourced from trusted family farms from the surroundings. In short, if you have decided on the culinary Tour de Moslavina, prepare yourself for a sensation!

In August one should sit on the terrace if the weather allows it, for the view as well as for the scents of the beautiful countryside. The recommendation of the host is of course to drink something from the family owned winery, and wines from the first harvest since the father left the winery to his daughter and her husband are being drunk now. To begin with, a fine chilled Škrlet, an excellent choice for combining with a čalabrček (appetiser) – homemade chicken and duck pâté, with butter on the top.

The menu is beautifully designed, even more interestingly thought out and full of local expression, and is based on local Moslavian dishes, as well as those that have come to the region from outside and have quietly found their place on it. So wonderfully soft, hot and aromatic štrukle pastry are a recommendation for everyone. Pilek (chicken), pujcek (pork), telek (beef) and duck are prepared in various ways and for four hours according to old recipes, however with a breath of modernity, but before that one should definitely try a warm golden homemade soup, in which also hides some unexpected seasoning, grown in the barrel at the entrance of the restaurant and freshly picked.

The legs and thighs of the ducks from the žbanjica (duck roast gravy) is a small masterpiece, slowly treated, brought to perfection of softness and full of flavour. Mlinci (typical homemade pasta) are not made with the fat but with the gravy from the roasting, and are a real masterpiece dish! Duck ragout with šufnudli (typical homemade gnocchi) and trganci (pasta) with leak and rose pepper are still two essential items on the August's menu, and at the end, there is a rich list of desserts. Now we have already tried the Pinot and the Frankovka wines, of course, all local. The buttermilk pie and poppy cake will make you close your eyes and in a moment you will wander to some perfect place. To the next, also perfect mouthful…

The August Restaurant enthrals with its very location, the house in which it is situated, the kindness of the staff, its story, and most importantly - the dishes. Don’t leave this fairy tale/fable unexplored – head to Moslavina.

Author of photography: Borna Filić/Pixsell

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Working hours: Thursday - Sunday: 12:00 - 20:00
Monday - Saturday:
by arrangement for groups 8+

Region: Central Croatia

Address: Trnovka 29; 44317 Popovača

Capacity: 40

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

The August Restaurant and Bar is located within the Tušek Winery, in Moslavina, just 50 minutes and 50 or so kilometres from Zagreb. The August Restaurant offers Moslavian cuisine and dishes on which generations have grown up, however prepared with the use of modern techniques and knowledge. The respect of the foodstuffs – home grown, seasonal and local, as the basic starting point in the approach to gastronomy, gives the guests a return to the smells and memories of an age when food really had a taste.

The Moslavian čardak (wooden house) in which the restaurant and hotel are located is an original example of native Moslavian architecture and the only one preserved. It has been carefully restored in order to offer guests a unique experience of trip to the countryside.
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