Josip Klarić
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We wanted to go outdoors and get away from the hustle and bustle so we opted for Krka National Park, which is situated about ten kilometres away from Šibenik. Having enjoyed the view of the deep canyon, travertine barriers and the stunning lake with waterfalls, we got really hungry. We decided to replenish our energy by having local food at restaurant Atrium. By following the scents of grilled meat, skewers and peka, the pillars of traditional cuisine whose preparation secrets have been passed on for generations, we could have reached the point of our interest with our eyes closed. But that would have been a shame as we were welcomed by a beautiful, spacious terrace where the smiles upon the guests’ faces suggested that we were in the right place to taste both food and wine. It’s not that we were reluctant to get inside the wonderfully designed interior with a spiralling staircase and opulent chandeliers, but the terrace was the winner for us.

We started out by ordering Dalmatian prosciutto, pancetta and local cheeses, both young and ripe ones. The first aid kit as far as an empty stomach is concerned rendered us speechless. We decided to let go and enjoy homemade bread with just a few black and green olives to counteract the strong flavours of salt, bora and seasoning herbs. Upon having the appetizer that showcases the preparation skills of the region’s masters, we boldly relished the lamb that released it juices while baked under the bell-shaped peka covered with ember. The potatoes soaked in every last drop in order to play games with our eager palates. Veal and octopus certainly don’t lag behind at Atrium, which we saw for ourselves by politely inspecting the table next to ours.

The eel and picarels definitely fall within the category of dishes you can’t try anywhere else. The picarels go great with Dalmatian-style chard and the thick house wine will make them even better. A variation of traditional dishes is reflected in the chefs’ creativity who, for example, combine the monkfish carpaccio and wild berries and in the decoration which is paid special attention to. The wine list encompasses quality and top-notch Croatian wines. Coupled with a great ambiance and an abundance of food, they disappear from the glass only to put a broad smile upon your face.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 091/337-5489; 022/778-021



Working hours: MON - SUN: 8:00 - 23:00

Region: Dalmatia-Šibenik

Address: Gulini 78; 22221 Lozovac

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Price range: 200-300kn

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Try unique gourmet experience which is based on connection of traditional Mediterranean kitchen and modern preparation of dishes.Culinary artists take care of every single detail, starting from the freshness and quality of groceries, their quality preparation and decoration and serving.
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