Svemir Luštica
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The interior is teeming with antique items, light pleasant music ranging from traditional klapa to Cuban music is playing, while the gorgeous large fireplace beckons you to feast your eyes and order dishes prepared on a fire made of olive wood, to be more precise. The terrace is small with just a total of five tables and everything runs smoothly.

Apollo is the owner’s lifestyle because the business is passed on from generation to generation. It declares itself as a fish restaurant with just a few meat dishes, mostly steaks and lamb when it’s in season, while the restaurant opens its doors in mid-April. The vegetables are obtained from the island itself, they take pride in their olives, oil and pine nuts, while a part of the fish selection they can’t get on the island is purchased at the market in Zadar.

For starters you’ll get a salad made from Ugljan calamari, clams, shrimp and lots of very finely chopped pine nuts and garlic. An excellent refreshment, phenomenally seasoned, a fantastic match of parsley and lemon with fresh seafood and an otherworldly combination with Malvasia Zigante, which released hints of chocolate in addition it its fruity aroma. They prepare the marinated samphire themselves, which gives them an extra plus on our behalf when it comes to quality.

A thick soup, maneštrun prepared on a shrimp broth is the house specialty and it makes a great health booster. Finely torn chunks of small fish make a thick soup brimming with flavours and scents of the sea - when buying ingredients from the same fisherman in the island of Ugljan, then you have to buy the entire catch so the larger specimens are prepared on gradele, while the smaller ones are used to make soup. In a nutshell, unforgettable.

Black risotto is their signature dish, but the main course featured octopus tentacles, which have been smoked, dried and then cooked only to be grilled for just a few minutes. It’s all served with an extremely gentle celery, leek and samphire purée. As if it were green, fresh Malvasia Kabola excellently season the tender tentacles and further accentuated the wonderful smells of olive wood. A superb combination. About ten white wines and the same amount of red ones range from Pelješac to Istria.

Come dessert time and you’re in for platter with three kinds of cheese, coconut cake, home-grown fruit or the totally light and gentle cheesecake Apollo. Something completely different from we expected, ideal for a summer meal, as light as a feather. In the end you feel as if you visited close friends, with a glass of wine, a view of gradele and delightful smells and flavours of wonderful Dalmatia. Intimate and very nice, a wholehearted recommendation.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 095/8500-207

Web: www.apartmaniugljan.com/hr/restoran

E-mail: svemo2000l@gmail.com

Working hours: During season (15.06. – 1.9.): 12:00 - 23:45
Prior to/after season: 13:00 - 23:30

Region: Dalmatia-Zadar

Address: Ulica Gaj 8, 23275, Ugljan

Capacity: 34

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

he island of Ugljan is situated right across Zadar. After you take a half-hour ferry ride, you’re in for a ten-minute ride to the eponymous town. A bit secluded, this small, pleasant traditional Mediterranean restaurant is located on the main road and has occupied the same location since 2009. This is restaurant with clients who mean business, who want to get value and quality for their money and that’s precisely why they keep coming back for more.
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