Apetit City Restaurant & Bar

Michelin recommendation

Fine dining/conceptual
Stjepan Bistrički
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This is truly the highest level of comfort, decent music, natural light through roof windows, wines that are being chilled in the middle of the restaurant... The rich list of specialties from Croatia to Asia follows closely them, with an emphasis on the Mediterranean, so that you can be full just by reading all the wonders from shrimps to carpaccio and Buffalo mozzarella cheese, to taglioni and ravioli pasta.
Apetit City has recently become the foundation of good food for guests with deeper pockets, and it reached that especially because of its quality - which we saw.

The great creamy wild garlic soup opened our day, served in a beautiful Venetian plate, and the quantity was satisfactory. A beautiful green colour is perfectly reflecting the aroma and the taste of the ingredients, and as for the condiments, the rich choice of quality olive oils should be highlighted. It is decorated with a minimum quantity of toasted croutons, and the taste is really good, green, rich, garden-like, without too many added spices.

In addition to a rich selection of wok dishes, with a quality recommendation we tried the Apetit’s specialty - veal liver Venetian-style with polenta and gorgonzola cheese. The polenta itself is perfect, although the proportion of cheese could have been more, but its texture was delightful, as well as its mild colour, completely opposite to the dark, brown, almost black liver. They are a separate story, and the strong, thick, and fantastically meaty sauce makes you eat the last drop from the plate, no matter how unbecoming that may have been. A fantastic dish, soft liver, sauce complete and fulfilling. One of the numerous wines on the rich wine list, Matošević Malvazija Alba, accompanied the meal perfectly.

At the end there are chocolate soufflé, tasty and enriched with vanilla ice cream, as well as a quite large cheesecake.
The ambience of Apetit City is elegant, everything is nice, tidy, at the highest level - in short - a place to bring very important people...

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 01/4811 077

Web: www.apetit.hr

E-mail: info@apetit.hr

Working hours: Monday - Thursday: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Friday - Saturday: 12:00 PM - 02:00 AM

Region: City of Zagreb

Address: Masarykova 18, (Obrtnički prolaz); 10000 Zagreb

Capacity: 100

Price range: 200-300kn

Restaurant description:

Since opening in January 2011 Apetit City Restaurant & Bar has become a part of the urban environment of the city centre - a place for business lunches, a starting point of an evening going out, and a place to meet friends and acquaintances.

The menu is based on aromas and flavours of Central-European cuisine with a Mediterranean touch, using the best that its position offers in Zagreb. Firmly on the continent, at the same time one hour from the Adriatic, Apetit City is a meeting place of various aromas and flavours. Just like the menu, the wine list is constantly improved, and it reflects the selection of the best available on the market, with a large selection of wine by the glass or bottle.

Awards and recognitions:

Recommendation Michelin Guide 2018.
Seasonal menu