Anić Restaurant

Matej Barić
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Separated from the beach and the sea only with a narrow walkway, beautiful Anić Restaurant, nestled in the shadows of cypresses, offers a magnificent view of Učka and Cres Island in the distance. A spacious terrace surrounded with Mediterranean plants is not juxtaposed in any way with a pleasantly and elegantly decorated interior, dominated by an oven, always heated. With decent sounds of jazz, the scent of the Mediterranean and the proximity of the city, and still, situated amid complete tranquillity, this place is simply created for a perfect enjoyment both in the scenery and food and wine.

This place, once housing a famous pizza place, has now developed into a fish restaurant which still offers a number of pizzas and a good choice of beefsteaks and medallions. Even though they have become famous for their risotto, prepared in various ways, and the pasta they make themselves, which they are especially proud of, we started with something that we had been told described them the best.

We were served a cold fish platter with homemade, warm and delicious bread and a local olive oil from Stankovci near Zadar. Minimalism (but magnificent) in the form of five different dishes on a single oval plate, five tiny details which tell a story of the Adriatic Sea, which you are looking at from your table. A classical octopus salad with potatoes and fried sardines on arugula were freshened up with a marinated sea bass on oranges, and prawns on black polenta – and, last but not least, filets of salted anchovies in red pepper. These are ideally paired with a serious and still fresh Malvasia Kozlović 2018, which, with its floral properties and light bitterness, draws out the best from the served seafood. A great combination!

Anić is most proud of its two specialties, “stolen” from the books of grandmothers who lived in this area since ancient times, so we had to taste their brudet made of mrakač – a stew based on this species of octopus. Served with delicious, hard and herb-“painted” homemade pljukanci (a type of pasta), we can easily say that we have fallen in love with this strong, heavy, true farmers' dish, ideally matched with Tomaz Teran 2017. The wine list is not too long, but it includes real, high-quality local “players.”

The main course was angler in spice herbs with olives and capers, and polenta as the side dish. However, despite the exquisite combination and fresh, local ingredients, markač stole our hearts. A phenomenal dish, truly recommendable.

Finally, the dessert, a chocolate soufflé, for which you need to wait for ten minutes, but it is really worth it to enjoy this classic specialty, not different from those offered in major capitals.
Anić complies with the season and the sea, and the ingredients are fresh, brilliantly combined, and paired with local wines, whereas the terrace and the view of the sea are priceless. If you wished to fall in love with Kostrena, situated in the vicinity of Rijeka, visiting this restaurant is an absolutely ideal solution, and the staff will make sure this takes place. Service and pleasure are at the highest level, showing a deep respect for tradition.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 051/288 222



Working hours: Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Sunday 09:00-22:00

Region: Kvarner

Address: Rožići 1b, 51221 Kostrena

Capacity: 114

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

At Anić, you can taste all the boons of the Adriatic (Kvarner shrimp, white and blue fish, local squids, shellfish), and, together with the seafood, grilled specialties!
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