Željko Krstačić Galić
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A long family story that has preserved all the features of an old coastal tavern while instilling numerous innovations, the Ana Restaurant has nestled in the magnificent Island of Rab, in the very heart of its largest settlement with the same name. Its terrace and enjoyable interior designed in the minimalist style will provide peace of mind and high quality meal to anybody who falls in love with these surreal surroundings.

Back in distant 1981, the Krstinić family started up with a pizzeria and an offer of classical, simple dishes. They were later joined by their son Danijel, who raised the scale much higher, mostly owing to his knowledge and to combining fresh foodstuffs. The restaurant is pet friendly, there are no daily meals, and the menu is regularly altered during the season, depending on what is offered in the surroundings and caught nearby on that day. Meat and fish dishes have the same share in the offer. It is nice to see a showcase with pieces of aged domestically bred meat, and quality selection of olive oil served with homemade bread and warm buns is what is really paid regard to.

Apart from the offered beef filet carpaccio and duck breasts and diverse salads, we chose the specialty of the island – the unique dried octopus with eggs. Patiently and neatly dried limbs of this popular cephalopod are thinly sliced and served with briefly fried eggs on olive oil with addition of homemade spices. Simplicity verging on perfection, with the exquisitely matched wine of the house, the mild and gentle Istria’s Chardonnay Ravalico! A dish that should be patented and shown off, pure sensation!

The wine list alone boasted around fifty titles and was mostly based on nearby Istrian wines, in addition to a couple of island-made wines. The Matošević Malvazija 2017 of the renowned master winemaker provided perfect complement to the cuttle fish stew and polenta. Delicious and soft, it was obvious that the polenta was cooked for a long while, and the stew, powerful and strong, had the smell and taste of wine though they were not flamboyant so as to allow other spices, and the compactness and hardness of the fresh foodstuff to come to the fore. This simple farmer dish with a slight twist is really to be praised. We left the other specialties of the house, the octopus over hot ashes, beefsteak in sauce of green pepper with sheep milk cheese, and fish baked in salt for another occasion.

For the end, a surprise, one of the best mascarpone we tasted along our coast, was waiting for us. The secret is in dry figs boiled in prošek, their reduced syrup with the addition of citrus juice and combination with amaretti biscuits. Brilliant, satiating, creamy, unforgettable!

The philosophy of the Ana is – the simpler, the better. And they always stick to it, wisely relying on traditional recipes complemented with modern methods. A restaurant with great ideas and even greater implementation, this is one of the rare restaurants on Rab that is open by the end of December, so if you love the autumn on the sea – you know where to go.

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 051/724376



Working hours: Every day
11AM - 3PM
5:30 PM - 12PM

Region: Kvarner

Address: Palit 80, 51280 Rab

Capacity: 140

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

The family restaurant Ana that has been operating since 1981, located on the island of Rab is hidden from the view even though it is positioned in the very center of the city, which gives it a pleasant home-like and romantic atmosphere.
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