Alla Beccaccia

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Jadranka Radolović, Željko Omelić
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If you love Istria and its colorful gastro and eno story, you will instantly fall in love with the small and charming restaurant that took its name from the Italian name for the bird known as the snipe. The beautiful hostess who is constantly jumping around the central feature of Beccaccia, a huge, warm fireplace, will listen to all your desires and recommend some of the many local specialties that warm every soul.

From the outside, the tavern seems soothing if somewhat small next to an old, family-owned pansion. But from within, it is beautiful, the ancient covered up by the modern, while the fireplace, we must repeat, is huge and elongated like an organ that smokes. At the table at the beginning of a cold day, you can get a real Istrian medicine – manestra and jota (a bean and sauerkraut stew).

Soups and stewed dishes from beans with a variety of extras are the strongest items on the restaurant's menu, with their thick structure, sauerkraut, crunchy corn and tender fibrous pieces of meat. As a starter, and if you decide not to choose the homemade cheeses, prosciutto, and sausages, there are both wild game and the more common types of soup.

Alla Beccaccia is more of a meat-oriented restaurant than a fish one, although it has something for everyone. It is focuses on Italian dishes. They use everything that grows in the in the vicinity, and it keeps to old and trusted recipes, but it also follows what is new and trendy. The restaurant is closed in November. Its guests are mostly Austrian, German and Croatian. On the menu we admired the dishes made from boar and quail and fritaja (a type of omelet) with seasonal vegetables or homemade sausages, but there is also peka (čripnja – a clay baking pot or bell), wild game, and pasta with porcini. In general, there are only domestic wines, with about 10 types of Istrian wine, so in this Istrian tavern there are friendships and friendships that will be made.

Here we had the best boar that we have ever had, in combination with palenta baked on the grill. Dill, the aroma of the forest, pure "soul food" make for the warmest recommendation. We are waiting for our next visit to try ombolo (a de-boned pork cutlet) and ham hocks prepared in a čripnja and then to dig into the cake known as "Della Nonna," a masterpiece with cream of lemon, vanilla and crispy dough sprinkled with almonds and pine nuts.

Do you want to get to know Istria? You can do that in the area around Fažana at the tavern Alla Beccaccia in Valbandon. Perfect!

Author of photography: Duško Marušić/Pixsell

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Contact number: 098/637-287



Working hours: 12:00 to 24:00 h, Tuesdays closed except in August.
In November, closed for annual vacations

Region: Istria

Address: Valbandon, Pineta 25, 52 212 Fažana

Capacity: 50

Price range: 100-200kn

Restaurant description:

ALLA BECCACCIA is located in part of the Alla Beccaccia pansion in Valbandon, which is not far from the Pula-Fažana road.

The ambience is typical for an Istrian tavern – rustic with a great fireplace in the middle of the room. This excellent a la carte restaurant is proud of its many Istrian specialties. It is known for dishes prepared in a cripnja and for wild game prepared in various ways.

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Recommended by the Michelin Guide, 2018.
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