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One of the oldest, as well as largest, restaurants in the city centre (one hundred seats inside alone), to date has remained a place in Zadar where you go throughout the year. If didn’t know what to eat on any day, you could always find something affordable and tasty, at the same place in the Zadar’s old town, regardless of the name, because it did change its name many times. Ten years ago it was completely renovated, and instead of its wooden interior, now there is the ultramodern one.

The 2 Ribara (Two Fishermen) Restaurant is located approximately one hundred metres from the Forum, a river of people flows by the windows, groups of Koreans, Chinese, Scandinavians peek inside and intoxicated by the Mediterranean scents they stay for delicious meals. This is not a classic fish restaurant, however there is something for everyone. From the simple and incredibly affordable winter menus for a three-course meal, to the interesting ideas of their chefs - every gourmet will find something from the rich menu. Portions are abundant here, there is no couvert, but there are three types of olive oil on the table - it is a place where ordinary people, as well as presidents come to eat. Something for everyone.

The excellent fish soup, thick and with a perfect proportion of tomato opens our day, and the specialty of the house follows - anglerfish in bacon. One truly needs courage to match such a noble fish meat with a completely contrasting piece of bacon, but the dish was absolutely fantastic. Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside, with local boiled Swiss chard, drizzled with local Dalmatian olive oil.

In addition to the anglerfish, there is octopus salad, a mixed fish platter, and the ‘Nostromo’ salad with fresh tuna strips stand out... As for meat dishes, beefsteak and pašticada beef stew are a recommendation, and many people commend them for their pasta with a variety of side dishes. As for desserts, there is a daily offer of several cakes, as well as the traditional panna cotta and the homemade rožata custard pudding. The selection of local wines is commendable as well, especially Maraštino and Pošip wines. If you’re up for a good old pizza, 2 Ribara has a wood-fired oven - ideal for the little ones who still don’t appreciate a good fish specialty.

For all the lovers of traditional cuisine, Zadar’s old town, and the scents and flavours of the sea, 2 Ribara is undoubtedly an excellent choice. Classic pop and rock, anglerfish, rožata with local Maraština wine, more than affordable prices, and then a walk on the Kalelarga Street. Life really can be beautiful!

-- Your Gourmet 365

Contact number: 023/213-445

Web: www.2ribara.com/zadar/

E-mail: info@restorani-zadar.hr

Working hours: Monday - Saturday: 11:00 AM- 11:00 PM
NOTE: Restaurant is closed until February 2018

Region: Dalmatia-Zadar

Address: Blaža Jurjeva 1; 23000 Zadar

Capacity: 160

Price range: less than 100 kn

Restaurant description:

The 2 Ribara Restaurant opened back in 1960. The ambience of the restaurant is a combination of modern and traditional, and offers sea specialties, various meat dishes, and specially designed menus for the little ones.
It also offers a wide selection of wines from the Zadar region.

Awards and recognitions:

Awards and acknowledgments: "The Smiling Sun" 2011, the award for the best restaurant in the Zadar area, and Trip Advisor 2015 awarded him the Certificate of Excellence Award.
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