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Hrvatsko primorje

The island of Krk has plenty of landmarks, but it’s common knowledge to all wine lovers where the best Žlahtina and other autochthonous grape varieties are grown. It’s interesting to mention that Žlahtina is also grown on the Turkish island of Bozcaadi where it was taken with great enthusiasm by the Austrian winemaker Hermann Gareis. Aside from this one, there’s another grape variety native to Croatia. We’re talking about Zinfandel or Tribidrag, which was proven by DNA sample obtained from this variety. Ivica Dobrinčić and his winery Šipun with a long family tradition just go to prove that Vrbnik on the island of Krk has a special place in Croatia's winemaking map.

Having graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb and returned to his home town, Ivica Dobirnčić started Winery and Plant Nursery Šipun as a family-run business in 2003. The business aims at producing grape vine cuttings, primarily Žlahtina, but also other autochthonous grape varieties such as Sansigot, Trojscina Crvena, Kamenin, Debejana. Winery Šipun has recognized the potential of Vrbnik climate and therefore eagerly takes part in projects aimed at reviving autochthonous grape varieties of the Croatian Littoral.

Both technological and oenological investments in the wine production process have achieved the expected results so it won’t come as a surprise that Žlahtina Šipun had been named the best Žlahtina for three times in a row and listed among the top 15 best white wines in Croatia. Technology and know-how have resulted in a wine production process recognized by consumers thereby opening up new ways and possibilities of capturing new wine markets which are becoming ever more demanding. Žlahtina Šipun is very light, fresh and brimming with scents, whereas Sansigot has a fruity taste with distinct sour cherry and raspberry notes.
At Vrbnik vineyards special attention is paid to raising the wines’ quality to a level befitting autochthonous grape varieties of Žlahtina, Sansigot and Trojscina Crvena, as well as other introduced varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot. Šipun winery vineyards have an optimal location with a south-western exposition. They also possess an enviable inclination at 225 metres above the sea.

In the future, Ivica Dobrinčić plans on launching semi-sweet Muscat and Bordeaux Blend - 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot and 5% Petit Verdot. Not only will wine aging in wooden barrels made from a combination of French and Slavonian oak together with acacia and chestnut make these wines recognizable and elegant, but will it give them a competitive edge.

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Working hours: With prior announcement

Region Kvarner

Address Šipun 16; 51 516 Vrbnik


A small but notable winery managed by the esteemed agronomist Ivica Dobrinčić. For the past few years he has been making top quality žlahtina sort from Vrbnik, which crosses the borders of knowledge about the sort's potential. Their main occupation, besides winemaking, is the grapevine grafting of žlahtina and nursery production. Dobrinčić's žlahtina can be recognized under the name Žlahtina Šipun. Besides žlahtina, the red Croatian autochthonous sort by the name of Sansigot (Sušćan) has made a big comeback on the market. Ivica Dobrinčić is the one who propagated this abandoned and nearly forgotten sort. For now, there isn't much of it, up to 1200 bottles per year, but the quality is enviable.