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Jastrebarsko, i.e. Plešivica, which is the south-western lower mountain area of the Žumberak Mountains, is located halfway between Zagreb and Karlovac. If you happen to end up in the picturesque villages, you’ll get to Vlaškovec which is just a 45 minutes’ drive away from Zagreb. The Velikanović family, which is in the grape production business and thereby influences the wine production quality, is among the 120 people living in Vlaškovec. Winery Lagradi owns 6 hectares of vineyards and produces 30.000 bottles of quality and superior quality wines per year. The regions boasts a humid continental climate with harsh winters, short springs and warm and humid summers, which is exceptionally conducive to agriculture and viticulture. White grape varieties such as Welschriesling, white Manzoni, sauvignon, Pinot gris, Riesling, Chardonnay, Silvaner, and aromatic Yellow Muscat dominate the Lagradi vineyards. There are only two red varieties and they are Blauer Portugieser and Dornfelder. Blauer Portugieser simultaneously serves as the signature grape variety of Plešivica and is one of the symbols of autumn because its freshness and fruity taste beckon you to sip it as young wine while the other varieties in the vineyards are being harvested.

Dornfelder is the second most widespread red grape variety in Germany. It’s a cross between Blauer Portugieser, Blaufränkisch, Trollinger and Pinot Noir. It’s exceptionally dark-skinned, its flavour is reminiscent of Blauer Portugieser, whereas its scent is dominated by berries, which makes it ideal for everyday use.

Welschriesling is one of the most popular white varieties in Croatia. It’s has a ripe fruity scent and flowery note with mildly pronounced acids, which is common for this region and the soil.

White Manzoni is a wine that falls within the select harvest category, but it’s extremely sweet. As such is possesses a pronounced dessert scent and smells like ripe fruit and raisins. It’s consumed with desserts or as a dessert in its own right.

Pinot gris, the elegant pride of winery Lagradi, is characterised by a darker colour due to the longer maceration time. Lots of people call it the rosé of the Velikanović family. Although it’s much more complex and “serious” than rosé, it’s recommended that it be served with more complex dishes.

The aroma of Yellow Muscat is reminiscent of rose petals, raisins and oranges which are very harmonious indeed when poured in a glass. It’s advised to be consumed with desserts, intense cheese varieties and foie gras. The Langradi Muscat won the bronze medal at the prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards 2013.

Lagradi is short for vLAškovečki vinoGRADi (Vlaškovec vineyards), whereas the Žumberak hills are featured on the labels.

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Working hours: If you set up a previous appointment, you can visit the winery where their experts will arrange for you to taste and order wines.

Region Lika-Karlovac

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Winery Lagradi is a family-owned boutique winery which owns 6 hectares of vineyards and has annual production of 30,000 bottles of quality and high quality wines. Wine production is based entirely on their own grapes.