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The mineral features of Pag’s soil have a strong influence on Boškinac wines just like when their grandfather started the tradition of making excellent and unique wines that represent the island of Pag in the best possible way. Vineyards that have been cultivated for generations gave rise to some of Croatia’s best wines that convey the sturdiness of the stone island and sea salt.
Boškinac cuvée, one of Croatia’s best red wines owes its success to Pag’s terroir, among other things: a coupage of Bordeaux varieties Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in a 55:45 ratio, is also exceptional because it has preserved the characteristics of “our” red wines: a strong body with plenty of alcohol and extraction that can compete with alcohols. The varieties are vinified separately, the maceration lasts up to 7 days, then they partially age in new and partially in used French, American and Slavonian barrique for 2 years. Then they’re merged in inox where they rest for 6 months and another 6 months in bottles. Merlot takes the credit for Boškinac’s gentler side, whereas Cabernet Sauvignon is responsible for the robustness and hardness. This wine has a dark, almost opaque ruby colour, a clean and intense scent, silky tannins and a long, delicious retro taste that builds on the smells of blue wild berries (blueberries, black currant), aromatic herbs and spices (carob, laurel, pepper...), while the smells of leather, tobacco and chocolate appear in the end.
It must be decanted prior to serving, Pag lamb is the best choice, while aged Pag cheese and steaks won’t mind being paired with this exceptional wine.
Boškinić is a lighter, gentler version of Boškinac, an elegant little brother that goes great with tuna or grilled squid.
Gegić is a specific and unusual wine with unique aromatic herb and yellow flower notes. It aged on a fine sediment in wooden barrels, a piquant wine with strong alcohols and vibrant acids. This is a very mineral wine with a mild bitterness in its aftertaste with mild wood notes. Gegić needs to be served cooled down with white fish, seafood salads and light chicken meat dishes.
Macerated Gegić, Ocu, dedicated by Boris to his father’s memory is an impressive, gentle macerated golden-yellow extract wine that came to be by combining modern and traditional elements. Excellently balanced, it has a long retro taste with an extraordinary fleur de sal note. It’s best served with snails, fish or white meat.
Boškinac white is a combination of autochthonous and world varieties: Gegić, Chardonnay and Sauvignon. It contains pronounced fruity aromas and we recommend it with shrimp and white fish.
When it comes to winemaking, the year 2014 was one the most demanding years ever. Still, a lot of hard work both in the vineyard and cellar resulted in Boškinac Rosé. This gentle pink wine with a character doesn’t lose out in its freshness even after 2 to 3 years and has light fruity aromas. It’s ideal as a welcoming drink and it goes great with lamb carpaccio, sweetbread, crabs and lobster.
Semi-dry dessert wine Prošek is made from Merlot and tastes like candied fruit and honey. It’s made using a combination of berry drying and must thickening and has aged for 7 years in oak barrels. This complex, potent wine with a long-lasting taste and intense smell is best when sipped with dark chocolate and rich, sweet desserts.
Is there a better way to bring a long day to a close than having a glass of excellent wine?

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Region Dalmatia-Zadar

Address Škopaljska 220, 53291 Novalja, otok Pag


“Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food” – this is the inscription that meets guests when entering the modern cellar and winery built in 2000 on the traditional foundations of the Šuljić-Boškinac family who believe that moderate quantities of wine, particularly red one, truly boosts health and spirit.
A vineyard with an area of 4.5 hectares next to which there’s an exclusive 4-star hotel and a restaurant (member of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe), a wine caller with a tasting room for about 70 people is located in Novaljsko Polje, far from the city hustle and bustle.
From the time of their grandfather, whose nickname gave the winery’s name, all the way to his grandson Boris Šuljić, both the vineyard and the winery have formed the backbone of family life. In addition to about 20,000 vines in Pag, the family also has 18,000 vines in Posedarje and they also work together with contractors in Nadin and the Posedarje region.
Apart from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot whose coupage they use to make Boškinac cuvée, one of Croatia’s best red wines, they also grow white varieties Sauvignon and Chardonnay, but they’re particularly proud of Gegić, a unique island autochthonous white variety they saved from fading into oblivion and that was used to make Paška Žutica. They found a couple of old wines on the island’s southern part near Povljane and planted them in Novaljsko polje which proved to be an exceptional location, especially because of aromatic island herbs. With a lot of studying and experimenting Boris made Ocu, a macerated Gegić, a superb wine thanks to a special cut, selected minimal yield per vine and long grape maceration with a classic vinification.
The total annual production ranges between 40 and 50 thousand bottles: apart from Gegić and Boškinac cuvée, they also make several white labels, coupages, macerated and dessert wines. They’ve also produced a white sparkling wine under the Viaz label using the Ugni Blanc variety.
Apart from phenomenal wines, their offer also includes a large number of homemade rakia – „likarija“: komovica, herb rakia, honey and fig rakia.