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Srednja i Južna Dalmacija

Volarević winery, with all the family members involved in the production business, is located in Prud, near Metković, on the border with Bosnia and Herzegowina. Norin river contributes to the idyllic image of this landscape because of its windy flow, which creates a beautiful nature picture, and also provides drinkable water for the whole Neretva valley, Pelješac peninsula and the islands of Korčula, Lastovo and Mljet.

The Volarević family originally planned on growing olives, but, luckily for all lovers of fine wine, they have decided to plant vineyards in an area where no one had previously planted grapes in 2005. The Volarević vineyards are located in Komarna, in the Dubrovnik-Neretva county. The project was set off with a melioration of the karst, through grueling clearage of thick macchia and grinding the stone at the depth of 60 centimetres to create the perfect conditions for the growth of the grapevine and vineyards that stand at the altitudes between 72 and 132 metres above sea level nowadays. A recognizable feature on the modern wine market is certainly the organic farming and the fact that the vineyards are cultivated manually and strictly according to the organic standards.

The first harvest was in 2010 and wines of that year have been archived for future generations.

A typical sort for this region is the plavac mali (little blue), which is content with the skimpy soil and does not require a lot of water to grow, but, due to extreme temperatures, there is also an irrigation system in place. The advantages of the area of Komarna as a vine-growing locality can be seen through cold nights which enable a preservation of balanced acids in grapes. This contributes to the quality of the sort because plavac mali is the kind of wine whose quality and harmony of taste depend greatly on the preservation of a moderate acidity level in grapes.

The wines of the Volarević winery carry the name Syrtis, which actually means Prud, the name of the village where it comes from and where the family lives. Another easy-drinking wine made from the resilient sort of grapes of this climate which is definitely worth a try is also the Plavac mali rosé, which represents a softer side of the robust plavac mali. It is also what brought the first international award to the family – a bronze medal from the Balkan wine festival in Sofia. Also, wine lovers are well-aware that Plavac mali rosé blends perfectly with fresh oysters.

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Region Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

Address Put Narone 124; 20350 Metković


Volarević winery is located in Metković, on Put Narone street, number 124, opposite to the Prud Nursery garden mall, on the main road which leads to the archaeological museum of Narona.

It stretches across more than 600 square metres. The cellar is a nicely decorated modern and multi-functional space for all kinds of presentations, such as wine presentations or wine workshops and there is also an outside space with a terrace. Within the winery, you can also find a space for wine tasting, as well as a wine shop with a complete offer of wines.