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Picturesque and fairytale-like Moslavina has captivated nature and traditional food lovers for a long while, and lately it has slowly but steadily won over wine lovers. The Trdenić family, which have been in the viticulture for more than 100 years, has recognised numerous opportunities for tourism development only about 50 kilometres away from Zagreb, and in addition to their gastro offer, the family winery overlooking magnificently Lonjsko Polje offers its guests within the Moslavina Wine Road a few white and red wines that perfectly pair with the traditional cuisine of that region.
The Moslavina Škrlet variety is increasingly included in wine lists, with the Sisak-Moslavina County giving additional incentive to spreading the viticulture and this autochthonous winemaking through co-funding of different projects of wine cellars, by which it has significantly contributed to research of potentials and clone variety selection and brand development. The Trdenić Winery has attracted attention of oenophiles and found loyal consumers with its Škrlet Private Collection line: the wine is produced of grapes from the best position and aged in the cellar under a special vinification method, which allows it to obtain high alcohols as well as impressive bouquet with noted minerality and balanced acids. Flavours of peach, watermelon, white flowers, and pineapple are preserved in the nose in even older wines like the 2015 vintage, and they destroy prejudice of Škrlet as one-year wine that pairs with meat dishes; among traditional dishes, we recommend – aspic.
Along with the autochthonous Škrlet, other varieties have found their place in the sun in Moslavina, with Bijeli Pinot ( Pinot Blanc) and Sivi Pinot (Pinot Noir) having adapted surprisingly well. The wine the Trdenić house is especially proud of is Founder's Reserve Pinot Sivi 2015,, full body wine, fresher than the usual Pinot. Fruit aromas of peach, ripe pear and tropical fruits with the indication of barrique give this wine liveliness and fine bouquet: it should be served well cooled with white fish, risotto, pasta and roasted white meat.
Pinot Bijeli 2015 Private Collection is a very grateful variety for pairing with food. It has rather concentrated golden-yellow colour, and aromatic floral-and-fruit stylistics of yellow tulip pollen, ripe apple, white melons, and lemongrass. It is very soft, complete and exceptionally balanced in the mouth. The wine leaves a fine layer of butter-like taste on the palate, which has resulted from the wine aging according to the technique of battonage. The wine is characterised with accentuated varietal characteristics of softness that relaxes the palate and prepares it for good bites with dishes of weaken structure like light meat and fish, and with side dishes of grilled vegetables that bring about a tendency of bitterness, tender aromatics and medium durability of taste.
Portugizac, a variety that is also increasingly returning to wine lists is used in the Trdenić Winery in the production of Rose. It is of rose colour, and has accentuated notes of squashed very ripe raspberries in the nose, whereas it leaves a strong impression of softness on the palate due to the balance the wine achieves owing to its ratio of freshness and unfermented grape sugar. Minerality that prickles on the tongue in the finish increases the feeling of freshness and urges a new sip, and is a perfect choice with kulen sausages with mild aromatics, mildly roasted tuna with red pepper and red beetroot gnocchi with strawberry sauce.
Gewürztraminer Private Collection 2017 is a semi-dry wine of transparent and clear light yellow colour, moderately dense so it falls fast when turned around in the glass. The yellow rose is dominating in the abundance of accentuated floral aromas, with the aroma of just squeezed must with honey softness felt discretely beneath. Freshness and precision that is surprising for the variety leave a sensational aftertaste trail. Varietal recognisability, noted aromatics, a moderate level of sweetness and great acid place this wine in the field of those rare Traminac wines that are in perfect balance while being enjoyable to a wide circle of wine lovers. Duration of taste contributes to complexity of this above all harmonious wine.
We recommend it with noble mould cheese and delicacies of accentuated aroma and moderate sweetness like cheesecakes with mint leaves or homemade strudel.
The exceptionally good base wines have encouraged the Trdenić to try their hand in the production of sparkling wine dominated by White Pinot, with the addition of Riesling, Graševina, and Škrlet. Pjenušac (Sparkling wine) Trdenić 2015 vintage was made in a natural variant of the classical champaign method without the expedition liqueur, it is of middle body, accentuated freshness and aroma, and is best paired with haddock “on white” or creamy duck or goose spreads.

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The Trdenić family have been traditionally connected to viticulture and winemaking in the Moslavina region for more than 100 years, and they proudly say that every single member of the family is involved in the process of production, from work in the vineyards to bottling to market distribution.
They made a serious stride in the world of wine in the early 1990s when they planted 1,500 grapevines on about half a hectare and produced around 2,000 litres of wine annually; today, they have expanded to 15 hectares with more than 85,000 grapevines and a cellar with the capacity of 100,000 litres.
The Trdenić Winery produces Graševina, Rajnski Rizling, Bijeli Pinot and Sivi Pinot, Traminac red, and autochthonous Moslavina Škrlet among white varieties, and Cabernet Sauvignon among black varieties.