The Vuglec Breg winery

Zagorje – Međimurje

To enjoy a Zagorje drop of wine became a thing of pleasure long ago when the hardworking winegrowers of this region began steps in the quality production of wines. The Zagorje hills are adorned by the old, and as well as the new vineyards of the Vuglec Breg winery, which took its name from the same, very picturesque, tourist village on the foundations of the old settlement of Vugleci. The hardworking hosts have with imagination and great care created excellent sorts of wine, which have become Zagorje winners. It is obvious in the Vuglec Breg winery that they know the secret of making a good drop of wine.

The winery was established in 2003 on the southern slopes of a hill where on the remains of old ones new high-quality plantations were planted over about four hectares. Today the winery boasts about 16,000 vines of white and red sorts, whilst the specificity that gives its seal to this region is the Belina white sort, an indigenous Zagorje sort of grape that is found on the vines in front of the birth house of Ljudevit Gaj.

A visit to this wine cellar is the perfect experience because inside you can taste as many as five types of sparkling wines and nine types of wines. The crown of this winery are the premium sparkling wines obtained right in this location and this part of the Zagorje region. The sandy loamy soils of the hills are suitable for the cultivation of vineyards, and the continental humid kind of climate, with moderately warm summers and rainy and cold winters give fresh white sorts.

All the sparkling wines are produced in the classic Champagne method, and the most prominent is Jasminka, which took its name from the oenologist of this winery who is the soul of the Vuglec Breg vineyards. It is produced in collaboration with Boris Drenški, who is an expert in sweet and predicate wines, and known for a number of globally achieved awards, amongst which is the Decanter Award from London. This sparkling wine with its perfect taste is special due to its ageing in yeast for close to four years, and it has a complex taste of dates and figs. It is obtained from Chardonnay with the addition of Graševina, Rhine Riesling and Green Sylvaner. With the addition of the ice wine Bodren, as an expédition, this sparkling wine gains a character of honey and botrytis notes.

Also special is Baronial, which gained the most points and gold in 2016 at one of the oldest contests in Croatia – the exhibition of continental wines in Sveti Ivan Zelina. To show that the Vuglec Breg winery went a step further in the production of sparkling wine, Vuglec Extra Brut proved it, winning the title of champion at the first national appraisal of wine and food at the Hotel Esplanade in 2015.

In order to maintain the authenticity and the experience of the Zagorje hills, the majority of the wines are offered through the family restaurant, via catering establishments in Croatia and by order, direct from the winery.
The Zagorje hills have yielded sorts of fine fruity smells, and unlike Dalmatian wines, these have a light body and are very drinkable.

The winery’s pride is also its premium wine, Cabernet S. Reserve 2011, aged for more than two years in oak barrique barrels, then another two years in bottles, so that it achieves a rounded body of pleasant tannins with highlighted sorts of aromas.

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Working hours: With the previous reservation, for individuals and groups, tasting of sparkling wines and wines is organized.

Region Central Croatia

Address Škarićevo 151; Škarićevo - Krapina


The Vuglec Breg winery was founded in 2003 as an important integral part of the same named rural tourism.

Continuing the centuries-old tradition of winegrowing and wine production at Vuglec Breg, the new owners with a lot of effort and love wish to achieve the highest quality wines and sparkling wines and thereby highlighting the specific features of the terroir. On the southern slopes of the “breg” (hill), where the remains of the old abandoned vineyards are found, new high-quality plantations were planted with almost 16,000 vines over about 4 hectares of land.
The exemplarily arranged vineyard enhances the overall impression of Vuglec Breg and so from spring to late autumn with its noble fruits and lavish colours the entire “breg” takes on a magnificent appearance.

Guests can enjoy a tour and walk through the vineyard, and every autumn they are welcome to join in the grape harvest and socialise with the hosts at a celebration, which on that day lasts long into the night.

A visit to the wine cellar is a special experience. Enjoying a tasting of sparkling wines produced by the classic champagne method and wines of white and red sorts, such as Chardonnay, Rhine Riesling, Graševina, Sauvignon, Yellow Muscat, Green Sylvaner, Pinot Noir, Frankovka and Cabernet Sauvignon, will delight all lovers of a drop of wine.