Stručić Winery

Zagorje – Međimurje

The Zagorje hills of Ludbreg win people over with their fairy tale appearance, and the greatest decoration of this region are the vineyards which provide excellent wines. The crown on every hilltop are the charming huts that invite you to socialise and have fun along with a few drops of wine.

Not so long ago in 2002 the Stručić family decided to decant into a glass the specificity of this part of the wine-growing region and add their seal with the sorts of grapes cultivated from old and new vines.
Graševina is the first lady of the Stručić winery. It has strong fruity notes, a greenish yellow colour, the taste stays fresh in the mouth and is harmoniously balanced.
The Stručić Chardonnay is distinctive with its light-yellow colour, fine fruity smells plus its fresh taste and minerality.

The Rhine Riesling is a winner with its greenish-yellow colour and fine floral smells, and what makes this wine especially attractive is its minerally fresh taste.
The Stručić family’s Sauvignon is a semi-dry wine with a clear yellow colour, a fresh smell of asparagus and apple, which with its full taste wins over everyone’s palate.

A surprise of this winery comes from the excellent wines obtained by the coupage of white sorts. The wine Poštenjak attracts the greatest attention of wine lovers, as the taste is obtained by the coupage of Graševina, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, as well as the label design with Dudek from the cult series Gruntovčani. Namely, the idea about the creation of the label came from Mladen Kerstner, the writer of the mentioned story who was born in Ludbreg.

The fruity wines from the controlled geographic origin are especially distinctive as well as the fruit liqueurs. The fruit wines are a dark ruby colour whilst they are young, and with ageing they turn into a dark purple colour with a blue gleam. The taste is luxurious and warm, a strong body, long lasting in the mouth.

The fruit liqueurs have interesting tastes that come from walnuts, cherries and aronia, which has medicinal properties. The liqueurs’ colours are dark and strong, they are served as aperitifs or as one of the ingredients of fine cocktails.

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Region Central Croatia

Address Kratka 2; 42230 Ludbreg


In 2002, the Stručić family began to cultivate vineyards continuing what the hardworking hands of the Crnković family had created. The lowlands and wine-growing hills of the Zagorje region are decanted into their wines, and customers have recognised the quality products such as Graševina, Poštenjak, Chardonnay, Rhine Riesling, Sauvignon and Ludbregina Utjeha.

The particularity of each product is emphasised by the special design of the labels on the bottles. A purple colour decorates the Chardonnay, the freshness of the Graševina is highlighted with an edge of blue, the Rhine Riesling with green, and the light-green shade of the Sauvignon is reminiscent of the fresh aroma of apples, asparagus and wet grass.