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All members of the Šember family are involved in the production of premium wines and sparkling wines, and they spend most of their time in the vineyards. In the cellar, they leave the wine under controlled conditions, to mature to the point where it is ready to be placed on the market. Riesling and Chardonnay rest in barrels of French oak (volume of 1,500 to 3,000 litres), they use 500 litre barrels for Pinot Noir, while base wines for sparkling wines are first fermented in stainless steel, after which they age in oak barrels for some time – exactly for the time required for them to lose a little of the too intense aromatics – and only then they ferment in bottles for the second time, in which they age for two to three years.

Chardonnay and Plavec Žuti in the vintage sparkling wine Pavel have an ideal ratio, making this wine, with its numerous and tiny bubbles, extremely complex. On the nose, one feels the pleasant smell of bread crust, the result of long aging on yeasts, intertwined with ripe apples and peaches and discreet hints of tertiary notes. With full and rounded body, balanced acids on the one side and sweetness on the other, and a relatively long aftertaste, it is an excellent aperitif, and can match dishes of white meat as well as of fish.

Another complex Šember sparkling wine is Brut, with characteristics similar to Pavel, but with somewhat more pronounced minerality, while the “fruity” Rosé of the basic Pinot Noir is everything but the usual pink sparkling wine! The orange-copper colour with numerous, tiny bubbles suggests a surprise on both the nose and the palate: playful fruitiness and discreet floral notes are an introduction to the minerality of the Plešivica Terroir, with significantly less pronounced empyreumatic aromas compared to Brut – it is best paired with something sweet, but low in sugar – such as panna cotta or tart.

If the rule for sparkling wines is that one can sip them all day, Šember Qvevri of Riesling from amphorae is an example that a similar approach applies for certain still wines. Harvested grapes are fermented and then matured in special clay vessels buried underground (capacity 500 litres and 1,500 litres) without any other additives, while periodical stirring reminds natural yeasts to process even the last gram of sugar into alcohol. After staying in the amphora, the wine stays for another two years in oak barrels, and for another two years in bottles. Creamy, juicy, and full with aromas of elderflower and linden – thanks to the extreme conditions in the amphora – this wine is ready to match almost any food, and we recommend it with dishes with a lot of saffron.

At the Popov breg position, the Šembers also pick Riesling for still wine – warm and strong but harmonious and rounded, with slightly more sugar and aromas of sweet apple, apricot, and peach, along with honey notes followed by citruses. If you taste the traces of noble Botrytis, it means that the wine is ideal for serving with a starter or hard cheeses.

Golden-yellow Šember Chardonnay is another wine from the family cellar positioned outside the usual framework: typical butyric flavours on the nose and at the beginning of the palate are soft and not at all aggressive. They come to the fore only in the aftertaste – along with a touch of salt – and confirm that it is a Chardonnay. Primarily, we have lively fruity notes of watermelon and melon with a touch of floral meadow flowers, and, thanks to the aging of a part of the wine on the fine lees, it is complex and full-bodied. Chardonnay is easy to pair with food, and this one is great with pasta dishes.

The Šembers love to make Pinot Noir as well: soft and with light tannins, it agrees both with venison and caviar. Strawberries and cherries on the nose, with hardly noticeable oak notes, make it highly drinkable and fresh, so it can be drunk even without food.

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Šember family’s new wine cellar "with a soul" opened its doors a little more than a year ago, when it launched the latest in a series of its sparkling flagships – Pavel sparkling wine. On the slopes of Plešivica, their vineyards streak across 6 hectares of wavy hills (Pavel, Bresnica, Vučjak, Starjak, Mladina), in which in addition to the old Plešivica varieties, Chardonnay, Riesling, Graševina, White and Black Pinot, and Portugizec enjoy sunny days and cool nights. They bottled their first still wine back in 1991, and have produced sparkling wine by the classical method since 1997, whereas, since 2011, they have nurtured wine in amphorae (Qvevri).