Srednja i Južna Dalmacija

Primus, Nonno, Pošip, Rusula and Tribidrag are all labels of the Rizman winery, whose owners are the brothers Štimac, Damir, Mihovil and Igor, a celebrated football player and former selector for the Croatian football team. They named their winery after the nickname of their great-grandfather Mihovil Mijo Popich who planted the family’s first vineyard.

The Rizman project was started in 2006 and initiated the creation of a new Croatian wine-growing area Komarna near Klek in the Bay of Mali Ston. The brothers cultivate Plavac Mali, Tribidrag (Zinfandel or Crljenak) and Tempranillo from reds and Pošip and Chardonnay from white sorts.

They have dedicated themselves to ecological production and given themselves the goal to empower the Dalmatian and Croatian wine scene, to impose new standards of quality and with other producers of the same opinions to place Dalmatian and Croatian wines at the very top of the global wine market. With Tribidrag, Primus and Pošip they are going the right way. For the German, Austrian and Swiss markets they make a special wine under another brand, Štimac Barrique No.1. It concerns the selected grapes of Plavac Mali that mature for a long time in mainly new barrels made by the world's best manufacturers.

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Contact number 091/3338 033

Web www.rizman.com.hr

E-mail kontakt@rizman.com.hr

Working hours: MONDAY - SATURDAY
(Not on public holidays)
For a winery visit and tasting the necessary reservations

Region Dalmatia-Dubrovnik

Address Stolovi 2; 20356 Klek


The Rizman winery began production again in 2006, skipping a generation in the Štimac family. They planted a new vineyard in new locations, installed the necessary infrastructure and created a completely new wine-growing region in Croatia.

The Štimac family is the first investor and conceptual initiator of this new wine-growing region, which in 2012 included more than 80 hectares of planted grapevines. After the planting and infrastructure construction, which also included their own source of water, they also built and modernly equipped winery in the vineyard itself.

It bears the title Rizman as a sign of remembrance to the first vintner in the Štimac family, and under this title and logo they will present all their future agricultural products.